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French Whisky

This month we’re talking French whisky! Did you know that whisky is not only the most popular spirit in France, but that the French drink more whisky than any other country?! (about 2.2 litres per capita annually as opposed to, for example, about 1.5 litres per capita in the US!)

Beaujolais Nouveau

Hello Cocktail Lovers.  This month is the arrival of Beaujolais Nouveau! And to celebrate the occasion, I invited Aaron Ayscough of Not Drinking Poison in Paris to discuss the region.

Le Syndicat: Creating a 100% “Made In France” Cocktail Menu for Paris

 Le Syndicat 51 rue Faubourg Saint Denis 75010 Paris French ingredients have always been a cornerstone of cocktail culture, lately, la belle France has really been looking inward for inspiration. Case in point: the newly opened le Syndicat. Le Syndicat is the self-proclaimed “Organization in Defense of French Spirits” and, as such, focuses strictly on […]

First Customer Cocktail Adventures: Wildrik (closed)

Wildrik 20 rue de Picardie 75003 Paris I hold more stock in being right than being first. Even so, I was (unintentionally) the very first costumer to hit Minibar, the newly opened venture from Bakhtiar/España duo who both already have several well-known night spots under their belts. I was later joined by Matt, Vio and […]

Paris Cocktail Adventure: L’Apparamment Cafe

L’Apparemment Café 18, Rue des Coutures St-Gervais Paris 75003 Tel: 01 48 87 12 22 On some cocktail adventures, we get bad service.On some, we get bad drinks.On some, we get bad prices.And, on some we get the un-holy trinity of all three at once! Welcome to this week’s Wednesday Cocktail Adventure. I read online […]

Paris Cocktail Adventure: Cafe Chic

Cafe Chic 126 Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honore 75008 Paris Tel: 01 45 63 69 69 I love learning new words. So I was quite pleased when Justine joined me for martinis last night – both for the nice company and the term she introduced me to: “Clip Bar.” Apparently, a clip bar is an establishment into […]

Paris Cocktail Adventure: Delaville Cafe

Delaville Cafe 34 boulevard de Bonne Nouvelle 75010 Paris Tel: +33 (0)1 48 24 48 09 It’s probably my admittedly perverse bent, but I like venues that have been transformed from spaces of unusual and different purpose – especially if their original purpose is a bit seedy and sordid. So, Delaville, with its naughty brothel […]

Paris Restaurant For the Fashion Crowd, Ferdi, Does Cocktails Too

Ferdi 32, Rue du Mont-Thabor 75001 Paris Tel : 01 42 60 82 52 This year I was rather lucky & had a weeks long drawn out birthday with many mini-gettogethers & surprises. A few weeks after the actual day, fellow food-loving friends, Fred & Lauren, invited me to dinner at Pinxo for more belated […]

Random Paris Cocktail Adventure: Baboto CLOSED

HOLD ON….BEFORE YOU THINK ABOUT GOING HERE, YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT THIS BAR IS NOW CLOSED! Baboto 12/14, Rue de la Ferronnerie 75001 Paris Between NYE travels and my recent Seattle/San Francisco trip, I’ve had a slow start to my 2010 blogging. But, I’m back and looking forward to finding some excellent cocktails this year […]

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