Paris, Part Time: Lisa Baker Morgan, chef and author on drinking, eating and living part time in Paris

Paris Cocktail Talk
Paris Cocktail Talk
Paris, Part Time: Lisa Baker Morgan, chef and author on drinking, eating and living part time in Paris
Chef Baker Morgan talks Paris restaurants and bars and life between the US & France

What’s it like to live the dream of living half time in France and half time in the US? We interviewed chef and author Lisa Baker Morgan about her new book Paris, Part Time to find out.

Lisa Baker Morgan has both a law and culinary degree (the second coming from Le Cordon Bleu) She has co-authored two culinary books, given cooking classes in Normandy, and created the  travel and food blog, We’ve got her on the show not just because of her interesting culinary credits – but because of her newest book, Paris, Part Time, which came out 1 June, 2020. Dividing her time between Paris and Los Angeles, she’s kind of living the dream!

Restaurants mentioned in the show:


L’ami Jean

Bistro Paul Bert

6 Paul Bert

Pierre Sang

La Regalade

Belle Maison

Le Coq Rico

Le Poule au Pot

Clover Grill


Septime La Cave

Bars mentioned in the show:

Hotel National

Experimental Cocktail Club

Hotel Grand Boulevard

Josephine Bar at Lutetia Hotel

Serpent a Plume

La Reserve hotel

Hotel Bachaumont

Madame Sarfati


Cocktail of the Episode: Spring Cocktail

1 ounce/30ml vodka

1 ounce/30ml elderflower syrup

1 ounce/30ml Bonal

Shake ingredients over ice and strain into a cordial glass.

Optional: Garnish with an apple slice

Note: if you want to drop the sweetness add a dash of lime juice or a granny smith apple. 

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