Provençal spirits with Sunshine and Lana of La Thériaque

Paris Cocktail Talk
Paris Cocktail Talk
Provençal spirits with Sunshine and Lana of La Thériaque

You probably associate cognac with France, but what about gin-style spirits? 

For this episode, we talk to two American women, living in Provence, who have started making spirits with the local ingredients. We discuss what the local terroir means for their products, their artisanal approach and revival of historical traditions as well as their experiences making spirits as expat females in an industry that is predominantly male and French.

Sunshine and Lana knew that this was a project they wanted to work on together

Products, places and people mentioned in the episode

La Thériaque

You can also read more about the gin-style spirit in our recent post about it.

Cocktail of the Month: 100% French Negroni

25 ml. Pic Pic gin
25 ml Cap Corse Mattei 
25 ml Dolin red vermouth

Stir all together and serve over ice

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La Thériaque

World Radio Paris for editing and production (they’ve got a whole lot of other Paris based podcasts as well!) 

Son Little for the music we use

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