Women, Bar & Restaurant Culture with Ruba Khoury of Dirty Lemon

Paris Cocktail Talk
Paris Cocktail Talk
Women, Bar & Restaurant Culture with Ruba Khoury of Dirty Lemon

Hello Cocktail Lovers! 

This month’s guest is Paris-trained chef Ruba Khoury, chef/owner of Dirty Lemon. She has worked in some big name Michelin starred spots like Frenchie, Septime, and Yam’Tcha. But I am loving her latest project, which is a restaurant and bar with a modern Mediterranean menu plus cocktails.  She came into the studio to talk about women’s bars in Paris, her new venture, and what her cultural and geographic background bring to the mix for Dirty Lemon. 

And guess what?!  David Lebovitz joined as co-host, making this episode a whole lotta fun packed into just a half hour. And, if you’re a fan of David’s – and who isn’t? – check out our recent episode in which he talks about his new book, Drinking French. 

Ruba’s Cocktail Recipe: Girl Next Door

4 cl Gin & Aquavit blend
2 cl Fennel liquor
3 – 4 Fresh basil leaves
1 bar spoon brown sugar
1 cl lemon juice
5 cl apple juice
1 dash celery bitters
½ egg white
Shake together and strain into cocktail glass and top with celery foam*

*celery foam is made with 4 oz celery juice, 4 oz egg white, 2 oz lime juice, 1.5 oz simple syrup (mix of equal parts water and sugar)

Girl Next Door cocktail at Dirty Lemon restaurant and bar

Bars, bartenders, products or places mentioned in the show:

Dirty Lemon bar and restaurant

Brittini Rae of Candelaria (she was also a guest on our show a few years back)

Hortense Van der Horst, previously of Moonshiner Bar

Jefrey’s Bar

Drinking French by David Lebovitz

Sabah Epicerie, boutique for spices and ingredients

Thanks to….

Thanks to Ruba Khoury for taking the time to come into the studio. You can follow Dirty Lemon on social media at Facebook Instagram and Ruba on Instagram.

Thanks to David Lebovitz for stepping in to co-host. Learn more about him and follow him on social media:  Blog | Facebook | Instagram.

Additional thanks to: World Radio Paris for editing and production – don’t forget that they have a whole line up of great shows, including some of my favorites from like: Paris Paysanne, Paname, Earful Tower & The New Paris.

Thanks to Son Little for music.

Ghazaleh Samandari for the header photo of Ruba.  

As always, thank you cocktail-loving listeners for tuning in our downloading.  

Don’t forget to drink responsibly!

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