COVID 19 Effects on the Residents, Winemakers and Farmers of Rural France

Paris Cocktail Talk
Paris Cocktail Talk
COVID 19 Effects on the Residents, Winemakers and Farmers of Rural France

In my continued extra episodes of Paris Cocktail Talk discussing the effects of COVID-19 on food and drinks in France, I’m speaking with Emily Dilling author of the Paris Paysanne blog and My Paris Market Cookbook for some anecdotal chat about life in the country and how the virus is affecting her, local winemakers and farmers in rural France.

Emily Dilling of Paris Paysanne and My Paris Market Cookbook

Emily is originally from California, and has called France home for the last fourteen years. A writer who is passionate about food and the people who grow and make it, she runs, a blog dedicated to discovering Paris markets and French terroir. She can often be found exploring Paris’s craft coffee, beer, and food scene, tasting wine and making beer in the Loire, or growing tomatoes in her garden. 

She joined on earlier episode to talk about her inspiration behind the book and how she incorporated her take on the Paris natural wine, craft beer and cocktail scenes into it.  She was also on Part 2 of our two-part special episode on how COVID 19 is affecting France’s Food and Drink businesses.

Business, people and products mentioned in the show:

Emily’s Paris Paysanne instagram (to follow for news on her Extending Pantry project with Anna Brones)

Anna Brones instagram

The Modern Domestique: a blog on modern home ec from Stacey Keating

Art of Fermentation by Sandor Katz

Art is an Ale brewery in Amboise (full interview with owner, Katie, in an earlier PCT show)

Thanks to….

Thanks to Emily Dilling of Paris Paysanne for taking the time to chat in my virtual studio. 

Thanks to Son Little for music.

As always, thank you cocktail-loving listeners for tuning in our downloading.  

Don’t forget to drink responsibly!

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