Boys in Boxers Make Le Calbar One of Paris’ Best Bars

Calbar 82 rue de Charenton 75012 Paris The word of the day for the non-French speaking readers is Caleçon, which means “boxers”. And not long ago, two young frenchies combined the concept of “calecon” with “bar” to create the Calbar; where the boys behind the bar sport boxers shorts.  I first stopped in several months […]

Novotel Bercy Does Not So Great Cocktails

Novotel Bercy 85, de Bercy 75012 Paris Tel: 01 43 42 30 00 Forest fact: I have a soft spot for average, bog standard, budget chain hotels you find scattered along the freeways of middle America. You know the ones I mean: they always have sufficient strip mall & General Dollar Store action close by, […]

La Gazetta: Cocktails in a Paris Restaurant

La Gazetta 29, Rue De Cotte 75012 Paris Tel: 01 43 47 47 05 Good restaurant bars can be hard to find, but La Gazetta just might offer up something worthwhile on the drinking front. Although I didn’t do a full cocktail-recon, we had a round of pre-dinner drinks at the bar before tucking into […]

Cocktail at a Classic Paris Institution: le China

Le China 50 Rue de Charenton 75012 Paris Tel : 01 43 46 08 09 I’m back …. and, so is the China Club! But, you’d be forgiven for thinking they were still closed since the old website saying so remains online. They do have a new site, but the first thing you’ll come across […]

Paris Cocktail Adventures: le Tarmac

Le Tarmac 33 rue de Lyon Paris 12ème Tél : 01 43 41 97 70 Is Big Brother watching us? Even while we’re drinking cocktails? When I arrived at le Tarmac and found Ritu already there, she showed me her receipt for her monthly metro pass. She pointed out that the receipt shows the activity […]

Paris Cocktail Adventure: le Train Bleu

le Train Bleu Gare de Lyon There’s something about a combination of splendor and decline that attracts me. Several weeks ago, someone invited me for a drink & suggested le Train Bleu as a meeting spot. This person scored major points for location – I love le Train Bleu. I love that this restaurant is […]

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