le Molotov: Soviet Inspired Paris Cocktail Bar

4 rue du Port Mahon 75002 Paris Tel.: 01 73 70 98 46 Russian sounds irresistibly sexy to me. I’ve always been fascinated by the language and its unfamiliar alphabet. I took a Russian class once, but never got much further than learning the meaning of babushka. Contrary to its appealing sound, I discovered it’s […]

Bacardi Mojito Lab: Paris Cocktail Bar

Bacardi Mojito Lab 28 rue Keller 75011 PARIS Tel : (+33) 1 75 77 23 95 Forest fact: I should probably be ashamed to admit the following, but I’m kind of fascinated by living statue buskers. I always wonder what they do at the end of a shift. Do they take the metro home in […]

La Cigale: SoPi has a new cocktail bar

Cafe La Cigale 124, boulevard Rochechouart Paris 75018 Tel: +33. 1 55 79 10 10 I love my neighborhood: a few steps to the left of my front door is the perpetually white Sacre Coeur and a few steps to the right lies the seedy strip of Pigalle. While this juxtaposition sates my craving for […]

Paris Cocktail Adventures Part II: Sir Winston

Sir Winston 5, Rue de Presbourg 75016 Paris Tel: + 33 (0)1 40 67 17 37 Sir Churchill was no teetotaller. Stories circulate of his martini recipe involving cold gin and a mere bow towards France. After our mediocre drink at Mon Hotel, we made the short walk over to this big and busy bar- […]

Paris Cocktail Adventure Part I: Mon Bar

Mon Bar at Mon Hotel 1-3, Rue d’Argentine 75016 Paris Tel : 01 45 02 76 76 Mon Bar is definitely not mon bar preferé. Recently my good friend, Cliodhna, was here on a quick visit over from Abu Dhabi. Since Abu Dhabi isn’t exactly rife with cocktail bars, I was hoping we’d hit a […]

Paris Cocktail Adventures: E7

  E7 Hotel Edouard 39, av de l’Opéra 75002 PARIS Tél: +33 (0)1 42 61 56 90 I’m behind in my blogging. And, I didn’t even know where to begin again until someone asked me for bandaid. Looking through my handbag in search of one, I noticed what a mess it was & decided to […]

Paris Cocktail Adventure: Cafe Chic

Cafe Chic 126 Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honore 75008 Paris Tel: 01 45 63 69 69 I love learning new words. So I was quite pleased when Justine joined me for martinis last night – both for the nice company and the term she introduced me to: “Clip Bar.” Apparently, a clip bar is an establishment into […]

Random Paris Cocktail Adventure: Baboto CLOSED

HOLD ON….BEFORE YOU THINK ABOUT GOING HERE, YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT THIS BAR IS NOW CLOSED! Baboto 12/14, Rue de la Ferronnerie 75001 Paris Between NYE travels and my recent Seattle/San Francisco trip, I’ve had a slow start to my 2010 blogging. But, I’m back and looking forward to finding some excellent cocktails this year […]

Paris Cocktail Adventure: La Villa

La Villa 37 avenue de Friedland 75008 Paris Tel: 01 82 28 75 08 I’m spending some holiday time this year in warm Caribbean climes where I’ll be partaking in some rum-intaking. Happily some of my favorite drinking partners – Matt, Violaine, Wendy & Dayne – are joining me on vacation. But before leaving for […]

Paris Cocktail Adventure: Le Marlusse et Lapin

Le Marlusse et Lapin 14 rue Germain Pillon 75018  Paris I’ll admit it: I can be a control freak sometimes. But, I’ve been a busy girl lately so this week I decided to abdicate responsibility and let Mr Matt choose our cocktail bar. He sent me a link for le Marlusse and Lapin, which has […]

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