Novotel Bercy Does Not So Great Cocktails

Novotel Bercy
85, de Bercy
75012 Paris
Tel: 01 43 42 30 00

Forest fact: I have a soft spot for average, bog standard, budget chain hotels you find scattered along the freeways of middle America. You know the ones I mean: they always have sufficient strip mall & General Dollar Store action close by, there’s all you can eat breakfast buffets and a fine selection of Bigelow teas on tap all day long in reception. I totally get into it and use all the amenities possible. I’m the one who actually uses the 3 machines in the empty fitness center & skips down the nappy, brown carpeted hallway to visit the hot tub room. And, the ice machines…ah, the ice machines, don’t even get me started.

So, the Novotel Bercy, while a slight step up from a Holiday Inn and with no strip malls in site, reminds me of the cheesy, brightly lit, average businessman’s hotel. But, for as much as I love these places, the Novotel Bercy: not so much. I’ve been sitting on this post for several weeks with a bit of a ‘why bother’ attitude. But I’ve decided it merits a little shout-down to prevent others from following in my footsteps. Back in January, Kate come up from Geneva and took me to a concert at Bercy for my birthday (thanks, Kate!) The concert fell on a Wednesday, so tried to squeeze in a quickie cocktail adventure prior to the show. I didn’t have any ideas for around Bercy & the few I came up with didn’t work (temporary closures, etc.) So I thought a hotel bar is always a semi-safe bet.

I was wrong. Although Gin and Tonic is the first featured cocktail on their list of 6 cocktails at 6.95, there’s no gin in the house. There’s actually not much at all to choose from in the house. I took a cuba libre. Unusual for Paris: the barman was very heavy handed with his pour. The general vibe is a bit depressing even if the barman was friendly enough. So it was a great concert, but crap cocktails. And, I’m still on the lookout for cocktail spots in the area…so share if you’ve had better cocktail luck around Bercy!

4 thoughts on “Novotel Bercy Does Not So Great Cocktails

  1. hi Columbine! No, it's not that far and i considered going to the boats. i haven't been to Batofar still…but I have been to the other one i reviewed (can't remember the name off the top of my head). And, those probably would have been the best idea – but I was really craving a martini & figured I wouldn't get one on the boats. But, I should have done that because i didn't get anything interesting at the novotel.

  2. you're right i don't think they do martinis plus they would not habe been open before the concert.
    i have to say "novotel" does not really inspire me as a location :- )

  3. You're welcome!
    Luckily the concert was better than the drinks at the hotel!
    still at least my glass of wine was well filled!!

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