Mini-me cocktail adventures: Why Paris Monge (CLOSED)

  Why Paris Monge 32 Rue Monge 75005 Paris You might not think it, but I’m actually an introvert. I’m not a narcissistic internet-fame seeker nor do I feel particularly comfortable in large groups of people I don’t know. But… I love my blog. Mainly because it gives me the opportunity to interact  with and […]

Seven Hotel: Paris Cocktail Bar

Seven Hotel 20 rue Berthollet 75005 Paris Tel: +33 (0)1 43 31 47 52 Most modern cocktail enthusiasts will tell you that Bond had it wrong. But regardless of shaken or stirred, there’s no denying the longstanding pop-culture link between the king of cocktails and the super sexy secret agent. So I made my way […]

DIY: La Cuisine "Shake it Baby" Cocktail Class

La Cuisine 89 Boulevard Saint-Michel 75005 Paris Tel: 01 40 51 78 18 This may come as no surprise: I’m a very social person. I love going out, catching up with friends and finding great cocktail bars. However, there are times when I love – just as much – some serious me time. Quiet nights […]

Paris Cocktails: La Lucha Libre (closed)

La Lucha Libre 10 Rue de la montagne Sainte Geneviève 75005 Paris Tel: 01 43 29 59 86 Sometimes in the course of my non-Wednesday life, I do visit new bars, and for various reasons, I know I won’t return for an official Wednesday Cocktail Adventure. But, that doesn’t mean all good, bad & ugly […]

Paris Cocktail Adventure: Le Crocodile

Le Crocodile 6 rue Royer-Collard 75005 Paris Tel: +33 1 43 54 32 37 Over 300 different cocktails! Well, of course, I was curious to check this out. With its dark and dingy interior, graffiti covered tables and cheapish cocktail prices, le Crocodile is the ideal student bar. It’s got that dirty-arty-boho feel which appeals […]

Paris Cocktail Adventures: Curio Parlor (CLOSED)

Curio Parlor 16 rue des Bernardins You know when you first fall for someone and you think everything they do is great? That’s how I’m feeling about the guys behind the Experimental at the moment. So, I was looking forward to this week’s cocktail adventure to their newly opened second bar, Curio Parlor, heart warm […]

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