There’s a New Tonic in Town: Tassoni Tonica Superfine

Tassoni Tonica is a relatively new (2014) Italian tonic made with citron fruit.

It is available in Italy, through specialty importers in the US, and has just now become available in limited supply in Paris.

Why we like it:

Tassoni tonic is currently the only tonic made with citron fruit, which gives it a a citrus brightness that works nicely with many gins (note: This comes not only from the citron but also added citric acid).  The bubbles are extra fine, giving it an elegant subtley.

With the tonic selection still somewhat limited in France, it’s nice to see another newcomer to the scene.

Where to buy it in France:

Tassoni Tonic is distributed by Blooming Gems and is currently available at Les Caves du Pantheon in Paris, 174 rue Saint Jacques, 75005.

US readers can find it in limited supply on and in Italian specialty shops.

Tassoni also has an online shop featuring this tonic and their full range of  citron based products, both alcoholic and soft, and other syrups, softs and spirits.

What you’ll pay for it:

2+ Euros/bottle

What to do with it:

Gin & Tonic

1 part gin*

2 parts tonic

lemon and/or lime for garnish

Pour gin into tall glass, fill with ice, top with tonic & garnish.

*I tried this with both Tanqueray  and Citadelle.  Citadelle worked better for me, but mainly because of the more subtle bubbles.  I think bigger and more aggressive bubbles in other tonics work better with a strong and juniper forward gin (like a LDG).  I also tried it with the M&S store brand gin at a dinner party and one of the guests proclaimed it the best G&T she’s had.

What to know about its backstory:

Cedral Tassoni is an Italian company with orgins as an apothcary shop/pharmacy founded in 1793. Over the decades the company expanded and added to their offerings to become an easily recognizable name ingrained in popular Italian culinary culture (with the Cedreta soft drink being particularly popular.)  More recently this longstanding company has been keeping an eye on trends and making a successful effort to stay relevant with new offerings like the Tonica and a non-alcoholic Elderflower soda.

What else to know about it:

The citron fruit, used in the production of this tonic, is one of the ‘original four’ citrus from which all of today’s citrus fruits have been developed.  (the other three: pomelo, mandarin, and papeda).

Tassoni claims to be lower in sugar than average for tonic (I can’t support or refute this claim without further research.)

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