Paris Cocktail Adventure: Le Baiser Salé

Le Baiser Salé
58, rue des Lombards
75001 Paris
Tél : 01 42 33 37 71

I love a good dive bar. I don’t know if le Baiser Salé would really be considered one, but the night I went there it had a few of the key elements that make a place divey for me: mediocre to crappy drinks, a strange mixture of clients (including the obligatory unsavory ones) and dark a ambiance punctuated with red lights.

Le Baiser Salé is located in a little pocket of Paris close to the Pompidou that is busting with bars, cafes and pedestrians. Predominantly a jazz club, it’s held its own here for over 20 years offering up concerts, including evenings with a Cuban, African or Antillean twist to the music. A good number of predominate names have passed through here. However, I wasn’t there to listen to jazz, so I remained in the small downstairs bar for drinks.

With no vermouth in the bar, a martini was out of the question. Instead I ordered (a bit unusual for me) a Bloody Mary. I got a smallish glass of vodka and tomato juice with a bottle of Tabasco and shaker of celery salt on the side. All in all, it was a lame Bloody Mary. I made my second round bartender’s choice and received some kind of vodka and orange soda concoction. The barman was very excited about it, so I take it it’s a big seller here. Matthieu had a bit of a cold and asked the barman to recommend something to help him feel less under the weather. He got a glass of Clément rhum agricole neat.

While I wasn’t impressed with the drinks, the bartender was nice enough and enthusiastically brought out several different rhum agricoles for Matt to try after he commented on his drink. I like the island bar set up and the fact that place stays open until 6am. The prices are a bit steep for such below par drinks at somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 – 12 Euros. But overall, I enjoyed the somewhat seedy feel of the place. I’ll not be returning for cocktails, but it’s an interesting stop for something easy like a beer or coffee.

2 thoughts on “Paris Cocktail Adventure: Le Baiser Salé

  1. Between you and Cedric over at Paris 2e, I get a lovely Paris fix whenever I need one. I can’t wait to try some of these places on my next trip over – OK, maybe not this partiular one. My hunt is for the perfect Manhattan. Who was it who said it’s not the result but the journey that’s important.

  2. glad to know someone gets some fun out the blog! Like yours, too!

    I think you’ll find Curio Parlor does a damn good manhattan. I’m sure experimental does, too, although I’ve never ordered one there.

    Also, Mama Shelter, which I’ll post on later has a lot of good classics on their menu and the head bartender is very into his drinks, so I wouldn’t be surprized if they’d do you right as well.

    here’s to the journey! 🙂

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