Paris Cocktails: Le Lup

Le Lup
2-4, Rue du Sabot
75006 Paris
Tel : 01 45 48 86 47

The third time’s not entirely a charm.

I’ve tried –unsuccessfully – passing by Le Lup on two different occasions. The first time they were closed for a private party. The second time they had changed their opening days to Thur – Sat.

Recently, BFF Nicky and I were out for dinner close to this elusive bar on a Friday night during their opening hours. We stopped in for a drink – only to be told that they were closed for a private party! When I grumbled that I had now tried three times, the woman at the door was very apologetic and promised that if we came back in a half hour that she would offer us a round.

We came back a half hour later and the place was jam-packed with the private party still in full swing. Our drink-offering lady nowhere to be found, we went to the bar and ordered. The barman seemed confused when we ordered something specific assuming everyone was just guzzling the free wine and champagne with the party.

The atmosphere in this two floor restaurant/lounge/bar is super-chi chi- trendy St Germain. The upper floor with the restaurant encircling the staircase seemed laid back and appealing. The lower floor with the bar – and the stage – was a madhouse.

My martini was fine and rang in at around 14 Euros. Ultimately, I don’t think I’ll be going back here for cocktails as it’s just too risky. It doesn’t seem to be a place where you’re guaranteed a pleasant spot to sip your choice of tipple, but more of an event avenue. If you want to hear some funky live music or throw a big private party, this might be a consideration.

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