Viva Agave! Meet Sophie Decobecq of Calle 23 Tequila

It’s the penultimate installment of our agave interview series in the run up to 2nd Viva Agave festival (20 – 25 March, 2019). In celebration of this interesting and informative initiative, I’m getting know some of the people behind the brands and the bars involved in spreading the agave love throughout France with a series of short interviews. This week, meet….

Sophie Decobecq of Tequila Calle 23
[réponses en français, ci-dessous]

Describe your role in the world of agave?

Above all: an agave aficionado.

In addition, I dedicate my energy and my most out there ideas to the production and commercialization of tequila. For the past 16 years, Mexico has been my center of gravity and Calle 23 Tequila has brought some sparkle to every day ¡ Arriba el Tequila !

What is your favorite agave spirit?

Without a doubt: The agave eau de vie known as “blanco”

What’s the one thing you think everyone should know about your favorite agave spirit?

Blanco is agave in its most simple and – at the same time – most complex expression. Its bold enough to hide nothing and that just makes me love it even more!

Where is your favorite place to drink it?

Anywhere as long as it’s in good company.

What is your favorite cocktail with it?

A Tommy’s Margarita is a trip straight to Mexico: a treat for the tastebuds and an invitation to conviviality. ¡ Salud !

Thanks, Sophie! See you at Viva Agave!

Check out the rest of this year’s series of mini agave interviews. And, if you want to read more about agave, I wrote a series of agave related articles in the runup to the first agave first festival, so you can take a deeper dive into tequila, mezcal and more.

photo credit: Philippy Levy

Sophie originally answered in French, and did so more poetially than my translation, so should you wish to read her responses in the original language, continue below.

Role in the Word of Agave

Avant toute chose : une agave aficionada

A côté de cela, je dédie mon énergie et mes idées les plus farfelues à la production & commercialisation de tequila :

16 ans déjà que mon centre de gravité est au Mexique et que la Tequila Calle 23 fait pétiller chacune de mes journées sans me lasser… ¡ Arriba el Tequila !

Favourite agave spirit

Aucun doute la dessus : l’eau de vie d’agave dite « blanco ».

What should everyone know about blanco tequila?

C’est l’agave dans son plus simple et -à la fois- plus complexe élément.

La blanco a l’audace de ne rien cacher et c’est ce qui me fait l’adorer d’autant plus !

favourite place to drink it

Qu’importe le lieu si c’est en bonne compagnie J

favourite cocktail

La Tommy’s Margarita est un voyage aller simple pour le Mexique : un régal pour les papilles & une invitation à la convivialité.

¡ Salud !

photo credit: Ivan Zaragoza
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