Meet Candelaria’s Ivan Avellaneda, Psychologist-Turned-Bar Manager

You can’t talk about agave spirits in Paris without referencing Candelaria.  It’s not only a bar that places consistently in the World’s 50 Best Bars and turns out a wide range of craft cocktails, but it was also a forerunner in the Latin American food and drink trends that we are now seeing more of […]

Interview with Alexandre Terwagne, Head Barman at Paris’ Secret Mezcal Bar

Hidden away in a secret alcove of the 1K hotel, you’ll find a bar that is part speakeasy, part Latin American party. La Mezcaleria embraces agave based spirits and boasts an extensive range of mezcal.  In celebration of Paris’ first agave festival, Autour de l’Agave, we caught up with their Head Barman, Alex Terwagne. Alex […]

Meet Sangrita, Tequila’s Lesser Known Sidekick

Thought lime and salt were tequila’s BFF’s? Think again. For something that enhances the experience rather than just shocking the senses with down-in-one shots, try a more traditional sangrita/tequila combo.  Sangrita is a non-alcoholic juice based companion shot to be consumed by alternating sips with a separate serving of tequila. Sangrita’s origins are somewhat murky […]

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