New Paris Bar App Promises Thirty Drinks for €9.99

Fancy 30 drinks for €9.99 Euros? Check out the latest drinks related app to hit the Paris bar scene: Firsty.

Getting your daily drink on is pretty simple: download the app, subscribe for €9.99 Euros a month, select a bar near you from their list of around 50 and head in for a free drink every day of the month. Subscriptions can be cancelled anytime.

I had a chance to taste test one of the cocktails up for grabs and meet the app developers Harry Knowlman (bar selection) and Kim Giaoui (app development) at their launch party at Monsieur Antoine. A party is always a good time and who doesn’t like nice free cocktails? But, the real test is a trial in the field, at a random bar, on a random night where I’m a just a random unknown customer.

So, I signed up for their five night free trial and headed out to a bar I’d never visited before, Monsieur le Zinc. This cute and kitschy little bar just off of Odeon, with a tongue in cheek gas pump décor, offers a small selection self-serve wine and beer on taps, accessed by prepaid cards.  It was a quick and pretty seamless visit.  The bartender immediately recognized the app, explained the bar concept and served up our drink. Easy, simple and effective.

The fifty bars in the app comprise a wide range of options.  If you’re going for good cocktails, I’d recommend: Solera, Persifleur, Les Justes, or Tiki Lounge. Otherwise, there are other bars that serve basic mixed drinks as well as dedicated wine and beer bars. The choice is diverse enough that you should be able to discover something of interest off your regular route.

This app is a great idea for a young, fun drinker looking for affordable drinks and something a little different, rather than someone seeking a specific cocktail bar. Overall, from what I’ve seen so far, it’s well-done and I like to see young entrepreneurs working on something that ties together modern technology and fun spaces to break the usual daily routine and discover something new.

If you want to give it a go, download the app for the five-day trial, or use sign up for your first month at half price with the promo code DU0ABS.

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