Meet Eduardo Orendain of Arette Tequila

Over a decade ago it wasn’t easy to find a good tequila in Paris, and it was relegated to bad shooters in cheap bars. But fortunately better quality agave spirits like tequila (and its less familiar expressions like Mezcal or Raicilla) have been slowly seeping into the capital over the last ten years or so via craft cocktail bars and spirits shops with a focus on less mainstream products. Parisians’ interest has been piqued, but there’s still plenty of things to learn about agave. Thanks to the upcoming 2nd Viva Agave festival from 20 – 25 March, 2019, we’ll all have the occasion to take part in tastings, master classes and workshops around the topic.

In celebration of this interesting and informative initiative, I’m getting know some of the people behind the brands and the bars involved in spreading the agave gospel throughout our capital. So, in the weeks leading up to the festival, we will be running a series of short interviews with different industry personalities taking part in the celebration of this spirit. First up….

Eduardo Orendain Sr and Jr, father and son team at the Arette Tequila distillery

Meet Eduardo Orendain of Arette Tequila, sales manager at Arette Tequila

Describe your role in the world of Agave?
I’m 5th generation of a tequila producing family, my father Eduardo Orendain is the master distiller of Arette Tequila

What is your favorite agave spirit?
My favorite agave spirit is Blanco Tequila

What’s the one thing you think everyone should know about Blanco Tequila?
That blanco tequila is the purest way to enjoy tequila with nothing to cover faults, you should taste agave at its finest!

Where is your favorite place to drink it?
Everywhere! Haha but nothing beats a tequila on the beautiful beaches of Puerto Vallarta watching the sunset over the sea.  

What is your favorite cocktail with it?
Neat! I love to enjoy my tequilas neat, but can always enjoy a good cocktail like a Tommy’s Margarita (Tequila, fresh squeeze lime juice and agave nectar, shaken over ice)

Thanks, Eduardo! See you at Viva Agave! We’ll be posting up more interviews with agave personalities this week . If you want to read more about agave, I wrote a series of agave related articles in the runup to the first agave first festival, so you can take a deeper dive into tequila, mezcal and more…. (worm salt, anyone?)

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