French RDT’s by ÉLY make for easy summer cocktails

Quicktake: ÉLY offers quality bottled cocktails in specialized boutiques or for delivery in Europe

I’ve already told you how much I like la Belle Vie for online grocery shopping, last minute wine and spirits deliveries or sending surprise bottles of bubbles to friends. Recently, they introduced bottled cocktails by ÉLY, so I added a few to my last order.

ÉLY cocktails are made with fresh ingredients and no preservatives and include about a dozen options like the classic negroni and margarita and a few creations like the gin based White Tiger or ginger cosmopolitan. You can buy them at Grande Epicerie de Paris or order them for delivery from their site, KOL, Deliveroo and La Belle Vie.

Bottles come in 20cl, 50cl or the party-friendly 1 liter and prices range 8 Euros to 39 Euros.  The 50cl was perfect for four people. I gathered a few friends and we tried the Pink Gin (not to be confused with a classic pink gin with bitters) and the margarita. Overall, we were impressed both in terms of flavor, price/quality and chic bottling.  This isn’t just a juice and gin mix, but interesting ingredients like yuzu or quality brands like Citadelle gin. Attn: coffee lovers, they also have an espresso martini.

While I love mixing cocktails for guests, this is the kind of thing I like to have on hand for a starter drink for when guests arrive to allow for a bit of chat and relaxing before I disappear behind the shaker. They’ll also be great for casual summer picnics, something to bring instead of a bottle of wine next time you’re invited to a friend’s place or a pre-dinner drink when you’re hosting a dinner party but want to focus on friends and food instead of faffing with cocktails.

ELY website

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