L’Entente might just make the best Pimm’s cup in Paris

Quicktake: L’Entente turns out a near perfect Pimm’s cup alongside other solid British fare like a full English for weekend brunch or sides of crispy fries and Scottish quail eggs

I love Paris and the franco food and drink options that come with living in this city. But, as an expat of nearly two decades, I’m totally down for something different from time to time. Paris has gone through a pretty trendy burger phase. A taco phase. And what seems to be like a not so great poké phase at the moment (Poké Me, anyone? That name…ugh!) But it’s surprising that being so close to the UK, there’s not a lot going on when it comes to respectable British food and drink. Right about here is when folks, French and foreign, cue up their bad jokes about English food and get a big eye roll from me. I have spent a lot of time in London and the food and drink scene is top notch, mes amis.  And knowing that, I’ve been meaning to get into the stylish British brasserie, l’Entente, for some time. But Covid and all that kinda thwarted those plans for awhile. Until last weekend, when a friend urged us all there for brunch…

Saturday and Sunday brunch with a full English breakfast

Upon arriving at l’Entente for brunch I discovered that they make the best Pimm’s cup in town. Let’s be real here. I have certainly not tried every Pimm’s cup in Paris. But that’s mostly because it’s just not a city known for this delightfully British drink. Our drink was served with an eco-friendly straw, lots of fresh mint atop, and not an overabundance of cucumbers, which are nice, but can ruin a perfectly good drink with their easy over-infusability. The weekend brunch menu also includes a Buck’s Fizz (that’s a mimosa to us Americans) and a bloody mary, bien sûr! And on top of that they have the cutest little starter/bar snack of 6 scotch quail eggs. I love tiny things. I love tasty things. It’s the best of both worlds.

The full English comes with an optional black pudding

We’re here to talk drinks, so I won’t go on too much about other things I enjoyed in this spot. But I will share a few tidbits worth filing away: The full English breakfast makes a tasty brunch. The service is super. The Bollinger bubbles are lovely. The chips are super crunchy-crispy. And, they’re open 7/7 for lunch, tea time, dinner, late night dinner, and all day Saturday & Sunday brunch. All of that is enough to get me in there again soon for more chips, scotch eggs and some serious cocktail sampling.

13 Rue Monsigny
75002 Paris

Thinly sliced duck and pickled onions and veg make another lovely snack or starter
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