Three Ways To Get Booze Delivered to Your Door in Paris

With the 9pm curfew in place, I’m sharing my favorite picks for Paris alcohol delivery services. Today I’m just talking bottles of booze, but I’ll be covering more cocktail delivery and pick up options in seperate posts.

La Belle Vie

La Belle Vie is an online grocery boutique with a cute interface and a two hour delivery window. While they don’t have the same selection as the supermarkets they more than make up for it with quality products, many of which aren’t easy to find elsewhere like goodies from their World shops (American, Japanese, Morroccan, etc). They have specialty sections for brands like le Palais de Thés or le Comptoir du Caviar. For ready made options that are an upgrade from a frozen dinner, they’ve got different prepared meal and snack options – you can even order tasty little individual cheesecakes and other sweet treats from Rachel’s. While I love my neighborhood butcher, their meat selection is great and I often order from them for their sausages alone. I use them them as a ‘gift service’ to deliver fancy teas or bubbles to friends (this was especially helpful during Covid confinement when friends were celebrating birthdays solo and needed a little cheer delivered to their doorstep.) On top of all that, they also have a bottle shop, with a good selection of wine, beer and booze – plus apero snack kits! 

Sample pricing: Bombay Sapphire gin: 21.50€*
Delivery charge:  3.90€ (or free if you order 40€ or more)
Delivery time: within 2 hours
Deliveries on Sunday: yes after 4pm
Sign up here for 10 Euros off first order

photo credit: KOL website


KOL is an alcohol delivery service that strives to be more than just a “Bottle Shop 2.0”. They are looking to engage consumers through their blog, recipes and new products of their own or through collaborations and partnerships. You might have seen my recent post on Hard Seltzers and their own version, Sparking Walter. You can get some things here that you’ll haver a harder time finding in the shops around your neighborhood like a Magnum of Hendrick’s or alcohol-free gin. They also have a bottled cocktail made by Nighthawk’s as well as apero packs with beer and munchies from Super Producteur. And though I like their engaging attitude and interesting offerings, it’s the 1 hour Paris booze delivery service that keeps me coming back. I’ve been a customer ever since they saved me during the Tequila Emergency of 2019. They also deliver in 24 to 48 hours in the rest of France.

Sample pricing:  Bombay Sapphire gin: 31.90€ with six pack of Schweppes tonic*
Delivery charge: 3.00€
Delivery time: within an hour
Sunday Deliveries: after 4pm
Website: For a discount on your first order, use promo code: 2FE92CD


A final option that’s handy if you need to do some grocery shopping is Carrefour express. While there are a few different Paris chain grocery shops that deliver, many of them have high delivery fees and don’t always do same day deliveries. In my experience Carrefour Express is the easiest if you need something within an hour. The selection of products is limited and the selection of gins is very limited to a few basics (Gordon’s, Gibsons, Bombay Sapphire) I usually only go this route if I need to order groceries in addition and I can’t find them on La Belle Vie.

Sample Pricing: Bombay Sapphire gin: 23.44€*
Delivery charge: 4.90€
Delivery time: within an hour
Sundays Delivery: depends on location and store hours

header image: Photo by Charlota Blunarova on Unsplash

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