Cocktail Gift Guide: What to Give your Favourite Tikiphile

It’s time for a new Cocktail Gift Guide. Who has a tiki lover on their shopping list? (And, if you’re a friend of mine you can already say “Me! I have a tiki lover in my life!) So, what to buy your pals with a Polynesian penchant? Here you go…

Smuggler’s Cove: Exotic Cocktails, Rum, and the Cult of Tiki by Martin and Rebecca Cate

tiki-book-for-gift-guideWhen it comes to Martin Cate, I’m a bit of a fangirl. He’s got personality, mad knowledge in the field, and a super rum/tiki bar in San Francisco. And regular visitors to 52M might recognize his name because he provided a nice recipe for our last Tiki Talk podcast. But my booze-crush aside, he’s a well-regarded name on the subject in this biz. And now he and his wife, Rebecca, have a book!

(Beware…if your gift recipient is a true tikiphile, they may well already have this)

But if they don’t, grab a copy of Smuggler’s Cove: Exotic Cocktails, Rum and the Cult of Tiki. They will love you for it.

Where to find it: Amazon or other booksellers

Cost: 29 Euros (less in US$ on the Amazon site)

Tiki Mugs

mugOkay, normally I’m a proponent of not acquiring “too many things!” (Especially multiple of the same things) But tikiphiles can always use more tiki mugs (how else will they serve those high octane cocktails to their happy guests?!)

And I have a line for you on the only tiki mug artist in France, so…

Where to find them? In Paris, check out Bai Tiki. She’s not only an amazing lady, but she’s a well-regarded tiki artist in France. You might be able to score something from her site. Otherwise, outside of France, do a bit of homework or pull up the Cocktail Kingdom site – while not a tiki-dedicated shop, they always have solid quality and a great selection.

Cost: totally varies depending on your taste and budget

oftd-rum-for-cocktal-gift-guideO.F.T.D.  Plantation rum

Now, we’re talking serious rum geek territory. This is the latest from Plantation and seven super rum personalities who got together in top-secret form and created this booze. Who are those rum geeks, you might ask?

Alexandre Gabriel, Jeff “Beachbum” Berry, Martin Cate, Paul McFadyen, Paul McGee, Scotty Schuder and world famous cocktail historian, David Wondrich. If you can get your hands on this, your tikiphile will love you forever.

Where to find it? I dunno…I know the majority of the geeks who came up with the product and I still don’t have a bottle…so this one’s on you to research. (and doesn’t that make the gift so much more special when you have to work for it?)

picksBeachbum Berry cocktail picks

Another name you might recognize from a previous podcast (or from the bottle suggested just above) and more importantly, from international recognition for his tiki knowledge…Beachbum Berry.

Well, Beachbum has some ubercool tiki style cocktail picks, which you can pick up via Cocktail Kingdom. (Note: ordering from France will add a significant bit on for shipping, but less than many things you can order internationally from them) (Note 2: I am not sponsored by Cocktail Kingdom – I just mention them frequently in gift posts because they are a very reputable source)

Where to find them? Cocktail Kingdom

Cost: 30 Euros for a box of 144 (prices vary depending on location and shipping cost)

So…I’ve left you a bit out in the cold on some of these gifts and suggested you search the source on your own, it’s not because I don’t love you readers…but because sometimes it’s better to find it on your own. (and sometimes I know what’s cool, but not exactly where to buy it…I’m only human) But, I promise, if you get your hands on any these, your tiki lover friends will be tickled!

Stay tuned tomorrow for the last in our series of seven Cocktail Gift Guides…this time, it’s about healthy gifts for your cocktail drinking friends!

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