Cocktail Gift Guide: Presents from Paris

Today’s technology means we’ve all gone global and there are very few things that can’t be shipped directly to your door with the touch of a few buttons (and a credit card!) While this might make life easier, it makes finding truly original and unique presents to bring back from Paris a little harder. Wanna know what to buy that can’t be found easily, affordably or at all outside of Paris? Read on….

copperbay gin

CopperBay Gin

Local cocktail bar CopperBay collaborated with the Distillerie de Paris to create their own brand of gin. While you can find the original version at the Distillerie de Paris website and the bar itself, there’s also a Navy Strength version that you can only get at the bar. Definitely something your drinks-minded friends won’t have back home! As a bonus, the bar also has a small selection of CopperBay branded products like their cool nautical duffel bag.

Where to find it? CopperBay

Cost: 49 Euros for the originalpicon french aperitif

Amer Picon

This old school French aperitif is next to impossible to find outside of France, meaning Cocktaillians go crazy for it and will be most appreciative of anyone willing to lug home a bottle in their bags. There are 4 versions including the black label, club, citron and biere – with the last being the easiest to find.

Where to find it? Amer Picon biere can be found in any large grocery store chain in Paris.

Cost: 11 Euros

pigalle bar baton rouge bagsBaton Rouge bags

Want something cheap, cheerful and (most importantly!) light to pack back with you from Paris. Head to Baton Rouge and pick up one of their newly printed bags. A good occasion to get a great drink + do some souvenir and gift shopping!

Where to find them? Baton Rouge

Cost: 10 Euros

crystal ice bucketCrystal Ice Bucket

Sure, you can find French cut glass and crystal buckets on Etsy or EBay from just about anywhere. But, there’s something special about doing the legwork to hit the flea markets, antique shops or brocontes (a sort of French rummage sale) in Paris to find something special. In addition to having a nice story to go with it, it will also be a lot more affordable than buying online and paying the shipping costs for such a heavy item.

Where to find them? You can find them at flea markets or antique shops, but my preferred place to look for them is at brocantes or on the boncoin (better prices)

Cost: 20 – 200 Euros

Maxime hoerth cocktail bookCocktails – by Maxime Hoerth of Le Bristol Paris

Head barman at the prestigious Bristol Hotel, Maxim Hoerth, earned the title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 2011 for Bartending. Being named a “MoF” means being recognized as one of the very best craftsmen in your field – it’s an honor and acknowledgement of the recipient’s skills and talent. Additionally, Maxime and the Bristol bar team recently wrote a book, Cocktails, a selection of recipes divided by season and available in both French and English. While you can order this from pretty much anywhere in the world online, what you can only do in Paris is have a drink at this world-famous bar and kindly ask Maxime or one of the bar staff to sign and dedicate your cocktail book.

Where to find it? Amazon or other booksellers

Cost: 30 Euros

Tomorrow we’ll be talking tiki and suggesting some fun presents for your favorite tikiphiles!

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