Cocktail Gift Guide: Presents for the Renaissance Cocktaillian

We’ve all got at least one Renaissance Man (or Woman!) in our lives. You know that talented multi-tasker with all kinds of random and fascinating bits of knowledge on every topic? A lot of cocktail lovers are kind of like that. While mixed drinks may be their main area of interest, they usually like to dip and dabble into other food and drinks areas.

beer kit for cocktail loversHome Beer Kit

The current revival of interest in craft beer has finally made it to France – and big time!

Maybe your cocktail friend would like to get all crafty with some homebrew? Try and slyly find out if your lucky gift recipient already has a bottle capper because you can buy full kits with our without the capper, bottles, and caps (and it can make a 30 euros or so price difference)

Where to find them? Look online to find the best buy for your location. In France, you can order kits online from Saveur Biere that are comprehensive and easy to use. Note: the instructions in this kit I got were in French (I don’t know if they have instructions in English)

Cost: varies, but average between 50 – 90 Euros

cocktail gift guideHerbs & Edible Flowers

If the drinks lover in your life likes digging around in the dirt, think about picking up some packets of interesting seeds that work well for cocktail garnishes. I like to grow violets every spring to put on drinks or mint is always a good choice (maybe go for an more uncommon variety to bring something more interesting to the table). You can also find cocktail garden kits that come in cute little sets with a variety of seeds selected specifically to work well as garnishes. (like the one pictured here from uncommon goods.)

Where to find them? Seeds, of course, can be found at any garden supplies store. I haven’t tried any of the cocktail seed kits but you’ll find plenty of them online.

Cost: 2 – 20 Euros

cocktail bookThe Periodic Table of Cocktails by Emma Stokes

Remember GinMonkey’s juniper necklace collaboration from the Gift Guide for Cocktail Lovers who have it all? Well, that’s not the only cocktail project she put her personal touch on. She’s also the creator of The Periodic Table of Cocktails and its associated book, which not only puts her science background and bent to fun use but is also an interesting and intelligent way to talk cocktails that will appeal to smarty-pants (and we say that in a loveable way) drinkers.

Where to find it? Amazon or your preferred bookstores or online shops

Cost: 20 Euros


french_cheeseCulinary Experiences

Cocktail lovers usually have some culinary interests as well, so your home bartender friends might enjoy learning a bit more about their local cuisine. So sign them up for a local cheese and wine workshop or food tour.

Where to find them? It’s location dependent so do a little research in your city.

In Paris, I highly recommend Paris by Mouth for food tours in English. Otherwise, we recently tested out the cheese workshop at Christophe Fromager, which will work well for a workshop in French.

Cost: varies

pineapple-shot-glassesPineapple Themed Goodies

Your Renaissance Cocktaillian already knows that pineapples are a hot trend in the cocktail community (and in general). The pineapple symbolise hospitality and there’s a lot of cool cocktail stuff related to it (including some tiki, which we’ll be getting into for another gift guide for tikiphiles.)

Where to find them? They’re everywhere at the moment! (the shot glasses pictured here are from

Up tomorrow…Cocktail Gift Guide: perfect presents to buy in Paris for your cocktail friends.

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