UC-61: Best Paris Cocktails in a Submarine

UC-61 4 rue de l’Arc-de-Triomphe 75017 Paris Can I share something with you? I sometimes get a little ‘stage fright’ when putting up a new post after (too long of) a break from the blog. It’s like when you’re quiet through an entire dinner party and nobody notices you until you finally speak up and […]

le 25eme Heure: Naughty Paris Research (this bar is now UC-61)

Le 25eme Heure 4, rue de l’Arc-de-Triomphe 75017 Paris Sometimes I’m overwhelmed by an overabundance of information: blogs, books, guides, and reviews on eating, drinking, sleeping, clubbing, and shopping. It’s all covered. Everything. Everywhere. But a truly good information source is more than a mouthpiece; it’s a filter.  And, that’s what I like about the Naughty […]

La Vue: Rooftop Paris Cocktail Bar

La Vue 3 Place Gen Koenig 75017 Paris 01 40 68 51 98 The last time I drank at the Hotel Concorde Lafayette I was slurping Smurfs.  So, after the recent overhaul of this lofty lounge, I once again took the elevator up to the 34th floor to see what Italian designer Pier Luigi Copat […]

Wagon Bleu: Paris Cocktail Bar on a Pseudo Train

 Wagon Bleu 7 rue Boursault 75017 Paris 01 45 22 35 25In the course of 52 Martinis research, I frequent a lot of bars that get good buzz. But sometimes I like to try a wild card in hopes I’ll find an undiscovered treasure. I hadn’t heard anything drinks-wise about the Wagon Bleu. In fact, […]

Wednesday Cocktail Adventure: Hotel Concorde Lafayette

Hotel Concorde Lafayette 3 Place du General Koenig 75017 Paris La la, la la la la, la la la, la la. 10 points to anyone who guesses what I’m singing right now! Who knows what those points go to, but if you’re competitive like I am, you’ll give it a try anyway. I’ll get into […]

Paris Cocktail Adventure: Flute (closed)

Flute 19, Rue de l’étoile 75017 Paris Tel : 01 45 72 10 14 I have very few guiding life principles. Aside from general stuff, you know like being a nice person, blah, blah, blah, I can think of three things that I hold as personal self-evident truths: 1. Never turn down a chance to […]

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