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Can we talk? We’ve been together a long time. Three years. That’s longer than most of my relationships. And I want us to stay together for a lot longer so I will be honest with you about my dalliances. I’m diverging slightly from my usual posting M.O. I know you’ve come to expect certain things from me: exclusively cocktail bar reviews with an occasional Friday Five for fun. But, you see, this week is Yelp Drinks Week. And not only are the ladies behind Yelp France super cool, they work hard to make fun things happen for the Paris Yelp community.

So what have they done for us lately? They’ve arranged with 7 Paris bars to offer drink specials at half price all week long. So for you, gentle reader, I took it upon myself to visit all seven spots and give you the lowdown on what to drink where. No weekend plans yet? Good that means you’ve still got three days to check out the sweat deals on offer. TIP: if you want to make it a Yelp bar crawl the first three are on the list all within easy walking distance of each other.

Les Enfant Perdus
9 rue des récollets
75010 Paris
Tel. 01 81 29 48 26

Yelp Week Drink Specials:
Bourbon Vanilla Sour: 6€
Martini Bianco Shine: 4.25€
Cosmo: 5€

Restaurant: yes
Terrace: yes
Les Enfants Perdus is a convenient stop after a wander along nearby Canal St Martin for a Martini Bianco Shine apero on the tiny sidewalk terrace. The vibe is more restaurant than bar so if the dinner menu tempts, head inside to sip on a starter beneath the small bar’s brightly colored ceramic tile ceiling.

Petit Chateau d’Eau

34 rue Château d’eau
75010 Paris

01 42 08 72 81

Yelp Week Specials
Caïpirinha: 3,50€
Champagne: 3,90€
Cognac cocktail: 5€
Restaurant: I think so? light stuff?
Terrace: yes

With its laid back atmosphere and loyal local clientele, Petit Chateau d’Eau is the place to hit for a cheerfully cheap glass of bubbly. The interior is small and welcoming or the outdoor tables offer a glance of frenetic street life and the colorful characters accompanying it.

Le Napoléon

73 rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis
75010 Paris

01 47 70 21 36

Yelp Week Specials

Mojito Royal: 4,50€
Napoleon’s Victory: 3,50€
Mary Martini: 3,50€

Restaurant: no
Terrace: yes
La Napoleon provides a hipster retreat in a Parisian pocket of some slightly less than savory neighbors. Make it a late night cocktail date, check out the kitsch cool decor details and try their eponymous cocktail special topped off with fresh honeycomb.
Le Pixel
10 rue Dauphine
75006ParisYelp Week Specials

Yelp Cocktail:: 6€
Cointreau Champagne: 5€
Beer by the pint: 4€

Restaurant: no
Terrace: I don’t think so, but there might be something out the side door
Enthusiastic owner Michel pulls out all the presentation stops at the oft mentioned Pixel bar. Grab a group of friends and spend happy hour watching him light things on fire and load up your Yelp cocktail with more bling than your average drink.
Ô Chateau
68 rue Jean Jacques Rousseau
75001Yelp Week Specials
Vin du Jour: 3,50€
Vodka Cocktail: 6€
Bas Armagnac 1974: 9€

Restaurant: yes
Terrace: no
The heavily buzzed and newly opened location for O’chateau is the perfect place to stick with the wine option during Yelp drinks week. Sit up at the expansive bar, order the vin du jour and nibble on some tasty olives for a steal.
Quinze Bar
15 Boulevard Saint Martin
75003ParisYelp Week Specials
Chardonnay: 1,60€
Ti Punch: 2,50€
Shot: 1,50€

Restaurant: no
Terrace: yes
While 15 Bar won’t wow with decor on entering, the back corner ‘lounge’ is a cute surprise and staff are exceedingly friendly. If the ass-kicking ti punch is to tough for your tastebuds stick with an unassuming glass of Chardonnay.
Rolling Pom’s

25-27 rue Moret
75011 Paris

01 58 30 75 75


Restaurant: yes
Terrace: no
Yelp Week Specials
Leffe Ruby: 2€
Ti Punch: 3€
Vin de Pays: : 1€A bit off the beaten path Rolling Pom’s pulls in clients with its binging pinball machine and revolving monthly art displays. Sit up at the pleasant bar and take a break from cocktails with a refreshing Ruby Leffe served up by the cheerful staff.

It’s good having goals. And now that I’ve reached my seven bar goal for the week I’ll be taking some downtime next week. And a special shout out to Zeva and Elodie & the rest of the Yelp team for motivating me to try some new spots that I might not have visited otherwise. I encourage you to do the same.

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  1. When DO you sleep? Amazing recap, makes me want to go out and try them all!

  2. ha ha! good question! i have nothing but sleep planned for next week (although I think i say that every week)….it's been a bit of a crazy week, but i just couldn't let Yelp drinks week pass without a bit of a nod. I think you've already tried O'Chateau but if not, that's my rec for your Yelps drink week visit! 🙂

  3. I'm super impressed that Pixel has Brugal Extra Añejo rum. Almost makes up for the 100% sponsored glasses collection. o_O

  4. Well done on trying and reviewing all of them! Bas Armagnac 1974… how I miss Paris!

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