Baton Rouge: Voodoo Cocktails in Paris’ Popular SoPi Neighborhood

Baton Rouge
62 rue Notre Dame de Lorette
75009 Paris

IMG_7162Pigalle continues its play for one of Paris’ best bar destinations with its latest addition, Baton Rouge. This opening brings some fresh creole flavor to the neighborhood with a voodoo bar and Louisiana-inspired menu.

The team behind Baton Rouge includes a couple of topnotch industry personalities with Julien Escot (Papa Doble, Montpellier) and Joseph Biolatto (Bols Ambassador & previously of Bar le Forvm). Inspired in part by the Stanley Clisby Arthur’s 1937 book Famous New Orleans Drinks and how to Mix’em, the boys have created a cocktail menu of New Orleans classics that includes Famous NOLA drinks, Highballs from the Bayou, Egg & Milk Punches, Bottled Aged cocktails and a few other NOLA-inspired surprises at 13 Euros.

IMG_7165I stopped in for a pre-opening apero featuring their namesake cocktail and taste-tested some muffaletta and garlicky cilantro dip. The dip/Baton Rouge cocktail is a great combo with the heavy garlic bit working it nicely against the sweet & sour cherry of the guignolet in the drink. A few nights later I caught up with some of my favorite drinking partners to taste through more of the menu. After a sazarac, manhatten and a special creation by Joseph, I am convinced that the boys have created a most excellent selection – although I would expect nothing less from this duo.

baton rouge cocktail bar paris interiorA bonus is that beyond the drinks menu there’s a more substantial food offering than you’ll find in most of the popular Pigalle bars. In addition to the muffaletta and dips, you’ll find Po’Boys, ribs and sweet, saucy sundaes.

For the finishing touches, the boys called on interior designer Sébastien Flamant to kit out this mini Bayou hideout with skulls on sticks, chairs worthy of a southern porch and other assorted juju curios.

Based on my own experience, general feedback and the current activity on the Parisian blogosphere, Baton Rouge is clearly working their voodoo magic to bewitch and charm the city’s cocktail crowd. Go!

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