Izzy’s delivers California Cocktails to thirsty Parisians

Izzy’s delivers a cocktail box with four drinks and a snack

Quicktake: Izzy’s is a new Paris service that delivers “California Cocktails” to your door Fridays and Saturday.

With Paris currently on Covid curfew, it’s a good time to explore more home delivery drinks options. The latest Paris venture to bring RDT cocktails to your door is Izzy’s, “a fun purveyor of fresh, plant-based cocktails, bites, and California vibes.”

Just add ice to the cocktails in jars and you are good to go

The concept is pretty straight forward: order your cocktail box by Wednesday for day time delivery on Friday or Saturday. Each box contains four drinks (2 different cocktails), garnishes and a little cocktail snack. Cocktails come in cute glass jars that can be used as a glass – just add ice and you’re good to go. 

Each cocktail comes with a garnish

The cocktails are fruit forward with lots of fresh juice. But, they’re doing more than just a booze and juice combo – the cocktail box I tested had drinks that were more interesting and creative. I especially enjoyed the mezcal Summer Peace with jalapeno garnish. The savory herby citrus popcorn side snack was a level up to plain old nuts or crisps. 

You’ll pay 50 Euros for four cocktails, garnish and snacks (count on an additional 10 Euros for taxes) and it’s a fair price for fun and tasty drinks on your doorstep. The one thing to keep in mind is you’ll need to plan ahead to order for the weekend. Cocktails can stay in your fridge for about a week, so you can have them on hand to drink at your leisure over a few days.

Bold garnishes like jalapeno slices add a bit of spice

Izzy’s founders, Allison Kave and Jennifer Crain, started with an American in Paris dream of creating a California style restaurant in France that blended the fresh local produce with the plant-based food and drinks scene of San Francisco. Then Covid happened, forcing a pivot on those plans and the duo focused on delivering a little liquid California lifestyle to thirsty Parisians. (Though hopefully we’ll still see their restaurant, Saint Isidore, happen in the future)

Izzy’s is a fun and flavorful venture. I’ve seen some cocktail delivery services come and go in Paris, so hopefully this one will stick around to bring a little extra fun to things during downer times.

Izzy’s website

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