Beginner Bartender Basics

This episode of Paris Cocktail Talk is all about beginner bartenders. We’ll talk with local shop owners and bartenders and get advice on how to start up a home bar and equip yourself to make cocktails from the comfort of your own home!

Tiki Talk Part I

In Part I of our Tiki Talk series, we’ll be chatting with Scotty Schuder of Dirty Dick, artist Bai Tiki, and Alexandre Gabriel of Pierre Ferrand Cognac.


This episode of Paris Cocktail Talk is all about rum. We’ll get into the history of rum, debates about sugar in rum, and great places to taste rum in Paris.

Brand Ambassadors

This week on Paris Cocktail Talk we’re getting to know some locally based brand ambassadors to find out more about their favorite perks (and pitfalls) of the job and, of course, their favorite cocktails.

Paris Cocktail Week

In honor of Paris Cocktail Week, we caught up with some of the participants in this year’s event to talk cocktails. From brand ambassadors to bartenders we get the low down on this annual cocktail event.

New Bar Openings

In this episode of Paris Cocktail Talk we explore what’s new in the Paris cocktail scene and focus on new cocktail bars opening in Paris. We’ll visit three bars that have recently opened (or reopened): Les Justes, Tiger, and Les Bains.

The Pilot

In the pilot episode of Paris Cocktail Talk we talk about cocktail trends and favorite Paris bars with local bartenders Thierry Daniel, Josh Fontaine, and Thibaut Neuman.

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