Low ABV Cocktails in Paris with Olivier Martinez

Paris Cocktail Talk
Paris Cocktail Talk
Low ABV Cocktails in Paris with Olivier Martinez

This month we learn about low ABV cocktails in Paris, why and how they are trending and the bar that is specializing in them.  Olivier Martinez, co-owner of Paris bar House Garden joins us to discuss low ABV/low alcohol cocktails, their menu and how it’s being received by local clientele.

For more about this bar serving specialising in low ABV cocktails in Paris, check out our write up of House Garden at 52 Martinis

House Garden specialises in Low ABV cocktails

Products, places and people mentioned in the Low ABV cocktail in Paris episode

House Garden
8 Rue Richard Lenoir
75011 Paris

House Garden facebook page

House Garden Instagram

House Garden bar for low ABV cocktails in Paris

Low ABV Cocktail of the Month: Coriander Reverse Manhattan

2 oz red vermouth
1 oz whisky
Angostura bitters
Fresh coriander

Infuse vermouth with coriander for ½ hour

Add whiskey, vermouth and bitters to a shaker with ice and shake until cold then strain into a chilled martini glass

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