Hard Seltzer in France

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Hard Seltzer in France

This month we learn about Hard Seltzer’s growth in France with Steve Veytia of French brand Two Palms. Steve explains how hard seltzer is made and what it’s like to build an artisanal brand with a team of lifelong friends with backgrounds in the wine and surf industries.

The team behind Two Palms

Products, places and people mentioned in the Hard Seltzer episode

Two Palms French hard seltzer

Two Palms instagram (for hard seltzer cocktail recipes)

Other hard seltzers mentioned on the show from France and elsewhere:

White Claw hard seltzer

AlquA hard seltzer

Snowmelt hard seltzer

Topo Chico hard selzer

Viper hard seltzer

Pure Pirana hard seltzer

Bewiz hard seltzer

Two Palms currently has three different hard seltzer flavours

For more info on hard seltzer in France, check out Hard Seltzer Hits France and Irish and English Comes to France in a Party Box.

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