Cocktail Gift Guide: Healthy Gifts for the Home Bartender

Health is a hot topic in the cocktail world. Tales of the Cocktail is talking bartender yoga and spirit-makers are putting on Pilates programs for bartenders. But, even if someone isn’t spending long nights of physically demanding work behind the bar, it’s still important to strive for a healthy lifestyle. Here’s some ideas to help the home bartender do just that…

Reusable Water Bottles/Mugs

A reusable water bottle does double duty; it makes it easier to stay hydrated plus it’s kinder on the environment. I’ve tried many, and am currently loving my insulated Klean Kanteen Wide. It maintains both hold or cold temps for a long time and the wide mouth makes it easy to add ice cubes. (As a little bonus I always travel with mine and it also serves as a quick, makeshift mixing glass , too, when you’re away from your home bar)

Where to find them?: You can find multiple styles and brands pretty much everywhere. See the Klean Kanteen website to find their productions.

Cost: 5 to 50 Euros (depending on style and brand)

Seedlip Distilled Non-alcoholic Spirits

Generally, nonalcoholic wine, beer and spirits get a pretty bad rap. It’s just not easy (some would say “not possible”) to create a passable replacement for an alcoholic product without the alcohol. However, rather than trying to create a zero octane substitute for an existing spirit, Seedlip has created something different: “the worlds first non-alcoholic spirit…that answers the question ‘What to drink when you’re not drinking?’”

Currently they have two beverages, Spice 94 and Garden 108, made with botanicals like all spice, grapefruit, hay or spearmint, which they recommend serving with tonic.

Where to find it? Check their website for stockists

Cost: 30 Euros

The Art of the Shim: Low-Alcohol Cocktails to Keep You Level by Dinah Sanders

Making healthier choices can also be a matter of moderation. Low-alcohol cocktails have been a steadily growing trend. So, help your home bartender add a few good ones to their arsenal with this book by Dinah Sanders.

Where to find it? Amazon or other booksellers

Cost: 8 – 35 Euros (price vary depending on format)

Healthy Activities

Give the home bartender on your list a good excuse to get physical. Buy them a pass for a yoga class or some other healthy activity.

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