La Cave a Cocktails: Bottled Cocktails Come to Paris

La Cave a Cocktail
62 rue Greneta
75002 Paris

Last night the girls and I popped into Club RaYe to visit with the owner and meet up with Tim from Monkey Shoulder.  We did some recon on the location for a future meetup and some taste testing of a cocktail kindly created by Tim a named after me.  Does this have anything to do with the subject of the post? Nope.  But I mention it because we had a great time exploring and testing and both private Kafka bar of Club RaYe and Monkey Shoulder will feature at our Autumn meetup this month & it’s going to be a hell of a lot of fun.  So be there, or stay home and cry because all activities that you could be doing instead will be heart-breakingly boring.  Anyway, after we finished planning the meetup, we went off to dinner, but not without a quick visit for some more taste testing at La Cave a Cocktail.

boutique_LCAC_1La Cave a Cocktail is a new breed of bottle shop that just opened doors and sells a variety of bottled cocktails.  The basic range includes standards like a Cosmo, familiars like the Pornstar martini and unusuals like Duc o’Lada (Cachaca based if you’re curious).  Want a step up from the standard? They also offer a Prestige selection of barrel aged cocktails.  And, for those who want something soft, they also offer a couple of non-alcoholic options by the bottle as well.

boutique_LCAC_4Between the three of us, we sampled a few and my favorite by far was the Martinez N. 3 which is livened up with the addition of some Scrappy’s Lavender bitters. We also took a peek at the cave where they are barrel aging this and others in the Prestige range.This is strictly a shop, not a bar.  So while you may be able to sample, you’ll have to take your bottle elsewhere to enjoy your cocktails. You may be finding them soon in bars or restaurants and you can also talk to these boys about delivering.

Bottles are good for about six cocktails and cost 30 Euros for the regular range and 48 for the Prestige.  And it’s just down the street from where we are holding the meetup this month, so a perfect occasion to pop in and see what they’re up to.

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