Abricot bar keeps it cheeky with creative cocktails and vegetarian snacks

Quicktake: Abricot bar is a neighborhood spot created by women, intended for everyone, and serving creative cocktails and plant-based bites.

Abricot is a new neighborhood bar with an all-inclusive ethos, creative cocktails, and plant-based small plates. This buzzy new venue is brought to you by Allison Kave and Jennifer Crain. Those names will likely sound familiar as they co-founded Izzy’s, which was heroically delivering Cali-style cocktails to Paris homes during confinement and is now an eco-friendly cocktail catering service. Allison was also previously a guest on our Paris Cocktail Talk podcast.

Corner bar area with gold round tables, red banquettes and graphic pink white and grey wallpaper
Love this cozy corner nook at Abricot bar Paris

Last year, the two took over a standard Paris corner cafe that pulled in a bro’ kinda crowd for beers and sports talk. A decorative and conceptual rehaul resulted in a bar that was decidedly more feminine but not just for the girls. In their words, Abricot is “by women, for everyone” and welcomes all while fostering an environment where women feel cozy and comfortable sitting solo at the bar. Because, sometimes we just want a good drink without it feeling all weird (on various levels) for being alone! 

Lots of windows let in plenty of light

The pair bring more than just a “woman’s touch” to the bar; they bring a lot of themselves. Their food and drink reflect their American, Ashkenazi, and Mexican/Southwestern backgrounds. Allison also founded the Brooklyn-based Butter & Scotch, a space that celebrates inclusion. Abricot was conceived as an integral part of a large, diverse community, incorporating the values and sentiments of its owners. This seems to follow the growing trend of a current crop of entrepreneurs investing a bit more heart and soul into their bottom lines, which can result in something unique and personal.

The Abricot team had a great time sourcing beautiful glassware for their cocktails

Abricot has 9 cocktail options that mostly riff on classics in a good way, delivering something familiar but with a twist. For example, the three cocktails on tap are takes on a Paloma (with a touch of hibiscus), a G&T (kissed by celery & aquavit) and a dark and stormy (with a cynar backbone). I am a big fan of cocktails on tap (when made well!) Given that they look set to be a relaxed neighborhood bar, it’s smart to have these creative drinks that are still quick, good, and easy.

Abricot is one of the few Paris bars to mini cocktails

The menu also includes a trio of drinks on the rocks followed by three stiffer, straight up cocktails, including their take on the still popular espresso martini as well as a non-alcoholic Garden of Eden that can be dialed up with a shot of vodka if “you’re feeling frisky” And to my delight, Abricot has a minitini on the menu. Though I’m more of a dry martini drinker, this tiny dirty version was quite delicious. There just aren’t many Paris bars on the mini-trend. (Except for Cambridge Public House which does a short list of mini-cocktails on the menu) 

An amuse bouche cocktail

Classic cocktail lovers fear not! I ordered a classic dry martini and got a spiffy little number just to my specification. I also hear talk of vegan jello shots, so maybe you’ll see that in the future. 

Given the vibe here, I imagine it will pull in a very regular local crowd who will be just as happy with wine or beer. For that they have 1 red, 1 white and 1 bubbles by the glass or bottle (currently the white is a sylvaner/muscadet – thumbs up to that choice!)  Beer and Cider are local (Deck & Donohue and Sassy) and softs include house made sodas, Mexican coke and Yerba Mate. Much like their cocktails, Abricot riffs on a really classic neighborhood bar template but adds personal unique little touches to make it more interesting than just the standard.

Pink dip with beets and za’atar chips

Snacks are all plant based and include a very moorish popcorn with lime salt, and a delicious pink dip made with beets and served with za’atar chips. I’ll be heading back to try the vegetarian taco trio soon. For those with more of a sweet tooth there’s cornbread with maple butter and a halvah chocolate chip cookie. 

Allison both shaking and stirring behind the Abricot bar

Abricot bar is open Wednesday through Saturday from 6pm until 2ish, meaning they close at midnight on Wednesday and Thursday, but stay open if people are hanging out. Because that’s just the cool kind of women they are. 

189 rue Saint-Maur
75010 Paris

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