Żubrówka PopUp at Rosa Bonheur: Mechanical Bison + Booze

If my Instagram feed is any indication, a lot of my readers are also Żubrówka vodka fans. And those of you throwing out plenty of praise on my recent snaps of their new bottles will probably want in on this Żu news too: Through September they’re putting on a weekly summer popup at the Butte Chaumont.

First, let me drop a little background. Located between Poland and Belarus, Białowieża is Europe’s last primeval forest, a UNESCO world heritage site and home to a few hundred zubr, the European bison.  Originally, a population of the bison was maintained in this ancient forest by royalty back in the day for the hunt.  Now, they are a protected species after having been hunted to near extinction during the first world war.  And, these burly beasts are also particularly fond of grazing on bison grass, the key ingredient in Żubrówka vodka.

While you might not be able to jet-set to Poland to see these impressive animals in person, Żubrówka hopes to give you at least a little taste with a tongue in cheek recreation at the Rosa Bonheur. Each week they are serving up Zu & cider drink specials to hunters on the lookout for the many hidden plastic bison good for a free drink. Oh yeah: and a mechanical bison.

If you haven’t yet been to Rosa Bonheur in the Buttes Chaumont, then this is your chance to give it a go.   But get there early as it was heaving by 7ish last week!

Rosa Bonheur
Parc des Buttes Chaumont, 2 Allée de la Cascade
75019 Paris

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