le Forvm: Paris’ Oldest Family Owned Bar (relocated)

Le Forvm

4 Blvd





Tel: +33

(0)1 42 65

37 86

How can you resist those boys?!

This little bit of blog love is overdue. I reviewed the Forvm quite some time ago and wasn’t non-plussed, but didn’t give it the ravest of reviews either. Over the past year, I’ve been in and out of there and am seriously enjoying it these days in terms of excellent cocktails.

First let’s get the superficial out of the way: they’ve revamped their décor. And, yes, I know that décor has nothing to do with drinks, but I’m digging the new style. It’s a bit fresher but still retains an old-school twist. They ditched the ugly carpet and kept the cool juke boxes.

Joseph, Xavier, Jerome and the rest of this tight team are knocking out some superlative drinks. Within the past few months, they ‘ve put out a new menu that, I believe, appeals to the fashion crowd they seem to be drawing as well as the serious cocktail drinkers. But, they have no problem going off-menu as well. Cocktail prices range from 14 to 25 Euros (with the Tommy’s margarita topping the charts at the 25 Euros mark)

They’re (rightfully) proud of the selection of spirits behind the bar – including Plymouth Navy Strength for those who want a little extra oompf to their martini. They offer an impressive selection of whiskies. I’ve randomly run into a fair number of meetup members who I took there on monthly cocktail meetup – which tells me that people are liking what they do.

Joseph gave an excellent presentation at this year’s Cocktails Spirit in Paris and if you missed that you can watch him play with a bit of fire with a Blue Blazer here. [insert usual disclaimer about not trying this one at home] And, while I haven’t checked into it (but might well soon) le Forvm organizes a Saturday afternoon “Bar School” for the cocktail curious.

This isn’t the place to hit if you just want to knock back anything. Quite simply, the Forvm is a spot for people who are seriously interested in cocktails to stop for a mature, sophisticated sip or two.

3 thoughts on “le Forvm: Paris’ Oldest Family Owned Bar (relocated)

  1. At 25 euros, you'd want it to be a serious place! Looks rather classy. Not sure what to make of those boys… unless they were posing for your camera!

  2. I'm with Gourmantic… 25€ for a cocktail that thing better give me a serious mouthgasm.

    Looks a bit business-y for my taste 🙂

  3. yep, 25 Euros is spendy for this & Forum does have a bit of a 'business-y' side…so for something loungey/hipster/trendy, there are better choices. But, i just love the team working here (and I love the cocktails). But, if i'm going for more than 1 or 2, I'll hit something different.

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