Strasbourg Cocktail Bars

When you think of Strasbourg, cocktail bars are probably not the first thing on your mind. Most people head to this lovely French city for festive Christmas markets, tasty tarte flambé and Alsatian wine. And while those are definitely good reasons to go, they are also showing signs of a nice little cocktail scene. Here are some of my favorite spots for Strasbourg cocktails:

Code Bar is a reference for craft cocktails in Strasbourg

Code Bar: Contemporary craft cocktails 

Just steps from the city’s famous cathedral, Code Bar is a point of reference on the Strasbourg cocktail bar scene. Here, you’ll find all the hallmarks of the quality modern craft cocktail bar: nice ice, great ingredients, balanced recipes, pretty glassware and value-adding garnishes. After slipping through the discretely marked door, cocktail enthusiasts settle in at the bar across from the wall of beautiful bottles. Staff is exceptionally friendly and can handle both classics and menu creations with skill. And if you are looking for something more straightforward they have some nice Japanese whiskies and other interesting spirits worth drinking straight. The terrace is open afternoons until 8pm and the bar stays open until 4am for serious nightowls. 

Find the hidden entrance inside Aedaen Pizzeria to the slip into their speakeasy

Aedaen Place: Speakeasy hidden in a pizzeria 

There is more than just the delicious smell of pizza that draws crowds to Aedaen. Those in the know, head straight to the back and confidently open the secret door to enter an intimate speakeasy hidden behind the wall. Plush red sofas are perfect for flirty conversations illuminated by the warm glow of lamps. Extra details like the twinkling chandeliers and statement wallpaper pop against raw concrete walls. The menu features a range of interesting cocktails and bartenders are happy to create something custom on client request. 

Supertonic is a great stop for a lunchtime hotdog loaded with everything and a G&T

Supertonic: Gin & Sausages

While technically Supertonic is a restaurant that also serves drinks, it still earns its place on my list of Strasbourg cocktail bars. Their specialities are two great things that taste great together: gin and sausage. With a choice of 61 gins and 13 tonics, there are 793 G&T possibilities to pair with excellent sausage plates or buns. The staff here know their stuff when it comes to gin and help clients navigate the lengthy menu. Whether you want your spirit to be citrusy, floral or classic, they will help you find the right choice as well as the best tonic to show off its botanicals. They also feature some gin cocktails on the menu like a fizz or negroni. This happy place is bright, clean and bold. I suggest stopping in for lunch with a little daytime drink.

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