Stay at Home Valentine’s Idea: Lovebirds Cocktail Delivered to Your Door

Hate the crowds, overpriced menus and excessive PDA that comes with going out on February 14th? Then stay home, get all hygge and treat yourself to a cocktail delivered straight to your door.

Nighthawks cocktail delivery service teamed up with Sassy cider and employed the skills of barman Sebastien Gans (you might recognize his name from time spent as Bar Manager at Candelaria.) Sebastien created the Lovebirds cocktail for the occasion, which comprises gin, vermouth, sherry and pink grapefruit juice topped off with sparkling cider.

While you can order any of the cocktails available for delivery in your area, this one is particularly fun for V-day because it’s nicely balanced instead of the overly sweet options often on offer this time of year, it’s got a delicate pink hue appropriate for Valentine’s and the addition of cider gives it some festive fizz.

Nighthawks cocktails come pre-made and ready to go (they even bring ice now!), although in this case, there’s a second bottle with the cider to top up the cocktail.  Cocktails come in double portions; perfect for a romantic date night in.

But, hey… love isn’t only about being all coupled up.  It’s important to love yourself, too. So, even if it’s a single year, you can still spoil yourself with a cocktail delivery.  And, bonus: that means two cocktails just for you!


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