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The latest in London’s Soho Cocktail Bars 

If you’re not familiar with this energetic London neighborhood, it’s worth discovering for its pubs, restaurants, cafes, and these new Soho cocktail bars. 

Love the dim atmospheric vibe at Wacky Wombat

Wacky Wombat: A most anticipated of Soho Cocktail Bars

Wacky Wombat was a much anticipated opening for Soho cocktail bars, being the latest venue from world-renowned, globetrotter, Nico de Soto. Like de Soto’s Paris-based Danico, this bar is also located within a Daroco restaurant. A moody atmosphere prevails with dim lighting and dark walls and nightly DJ’s add ambience – including, occasionally, de Soto himself. The menu features flavors inspired by his extensive travels in Australia. Given his stellar bar skills and that of the team headed up by the talented Kevin Price Houghton, it’s no surprise that they put the lab behind the bar to work incorporating Australian sourced and inspired ingredients in unusual and elegant ways. Of course, you’ll also find pandan in a drink or two. And, their martini is most excellent. 

Tip: Head there soon for a taste of the Australian flavors as they’ll be changing menus in the near future.

Three Sheets is good for both creations and classics like a gin martini

Three Sheets: The dynamic Dalston bar gets a Soho sister 

I’ve long been a fan of Three Sheets so I was happy to see a second venue. Like the original Three Sheets, the Soho outpost keeps the design sleek and clean, allowing the lively vibe and lovely cocktails to make a big impact. And, the drinks are just as good here whether they’re well-crafted house creations or solid classics. Don’t pass up the bottled French 75, which includes a little verjus and some other special additions that dial this drink up to 11.  

Tip: Three Sheets Soho fills up quickly, so go as early as possible to score a seat at the bar

Play some pool and get an RTD cocktail from the vending machine in the same room

Dram: A multifaceted modern Soho Cocktail Bar 

Dram is a prime example of what happens when long-standing industry pros, Chris Tanner, Martyn ‘Simo’ Simpson and Jack Wallis, put their heads together to create their perfect venue in a 17th century building. Its three floors comprise distinctly different areas offering a little something for everyone. From whisky or tap cocktails in the industrial concrete entry room to spritz style drinks on the inner courtyard terrace. The lower level lab turns into a twelve seat bar at night, just down the hall from a more casual space, both of which serve a seasonal cocktail menu. The bartending pedigree of this team ensures consistently good drinks no matter which section tickles your fancy.

Tip: Head up to the rooftop for the cocktail vending machine to avoid waiting at the bar.

Scarfes bar at Rosewood London has an all new cocktail menu for the year

The Last Drop: New Menu at Nearby Scarfes bar

If you’ve got the time and stamina, make one more stop on this cocktail hop at Scarfes bar in the Rosewood London. It’s just a few steps from Soho, within easy walking distance of the above bars. And while Scarfes isn’t new, their current drinks list is. Their new annual menu, From Scratch, has exclusively never-seen-before drinks, unlike the previous ten menus that always rolled over some of the prior menu favourites. Stay tuned, as I’ll be sharing more detail on this soon with a list of some of the city’s best hotel bars.

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