Recommended Reading & Cocktail Party Conversation Starters Vol. 6

Welcome to this week’s roundup of interesting cocktail and spirits related articles plus a few fun bits of news just made for cocktail party conversation starters.

Reading Roundup

A New Cocktail Conference With a Political Twist
(New York Times)

Chicago Style, a new cocktail conference, will take place in May following the James Beard Awards Gala. The three women behind it are pushing for more diversity in participants and panelists and encouraging a more in-depth level of discussion on topics that have not always been addressed (or sufficiently addressed) in the industry. In their words: “Equal parts think and drink.”

Amazon Launches One Hour Alcohol Delivery in Select Cities

If you live in Cincinnati, Chicago, Columbus, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York City, Phoenix, Portland, Richmond, San Diego, San Francisco Bay Area or Seattle and you need booze delivered straight to your door in two hours (free delivery!), Amazon Prime has got you covered.

What You’ll be Drinking in 2018
(Drink Up London)

Now that we’re done with Dryuary, Drink Up London predicts we’ll be drinking more mezcal and Cognac.  They’re also predicting that vegan cocktails will be more prevalent (*groan*) plus a few other new and continued trends.

Quartz Obsession: Gin
(Quartz Media)

Philippines is the biggest gin market – who knew?! And want to know why someone might say ‘Puss, give me two pennyworth of gin!’ or how gin came to be included in the UK inflation gauging ‘basket’? It’s all outlined in this collection of facts and tidbits about our favorite juniper flavored giggle water.

The Most Popular Cocktail in Every State, According to Google
(Food and Wine)

This pretty visual guide released by Versus Reviews shows cocktail favorites by US state.  Seems that Washingtonians like to enjoy a nice G&T at the end of the day while Hawaiians have a fondness – not surprisingly – for a mai tai. Bottoms up, America!

Cocktail Party Conversation Starters

Get all tongue tied around new people? Try this week’s cocktail party conversation starters next time you’re stuck for small talk…

Did you hear about…

The Chinese man who built a tank to become an online celebrity?

The five brits arrested for porn-y dancing in Cambodia?

The goose that knocked out the bird hunter?

And, this week, when I’m not reading cocktail news or finding bizarre conversation starters, I’m reading: The Vegetarian Myth: Food, Justice & Sustainability by Lierre Keith

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