Recommended Reading and Cocktail Party Conversation Starters Vol. 16

Welcome to this week’s roundup of interesting cocktail and spirits related articles plus a few fun bits of news just made for cocktail party conversation starters.

Cocktail Reading

How to Drink Mindfully
(Real Simple)

Keeping a focus on balance and health when drinking is still on trend and in this article Julie Klam takes things a step further by attending (and describing) the mindful-drinking classes at MNDFL Meditation Studio in Brooklyn, New York.

What Defines the Current Cocktail Zeitgeist?

Wanna know what’s hot in the US cocktail scene? PUNCH poured over the nation’s cocktail menus to get a “birds-eye view” of what’s up with today’s drinks trends. Like Umeshu or Aquavit? You’re in luck…

All 37 Celebrity Liquors and Spirits, Ranked

Esquire ranks 37 different celebrity spirits brands from Billy Bush’s Beach Whisky at the end of the list all the way to the best of the bunch…

World’s 50 Best Bars releases 51-100 list
(Drinks International)

While they haven’t yet haven’t dropped the top 50 bars, numbers 51 – 100 have been announced, with a few Paris bars Dirty Dick & Danico in there.  

What Happens When an Architecture Professor Submits to his Wine & Cheese
(It’s Not You it’s Brie)

For something fun, check out the Wine & Cheese pairing poster created by the man behind the French Wine Metro map along with an interview on his favorite pairing plus what got him into the whole thing.

Cocktail Party Conversation Starters

Get all tongue tied around new people? Try this week’s cocktail party conversation starters next time you’re stuck for small talk…

Did you hear about…

That margarita loving bear in California?

The snake that just wanted a 7-11 slurpee?

The seal who mistook a kayaker for a rock?

And, this week, when I’m not reading cocktail news or finding bizarre conversation starters, I’m reading: Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng

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