Recommended Reading and Cocktail Party Conversation Starters Vol. 4

Welcome to this week’s roundup of interesting cocktail articles plus a few fun bits of news just made for cocktail party conversation starters.

Cocktail Reading Roundup

The ‘Horrific” Sexism Blighting the Beer World
(BBC News)

This BBC article takes a look at the backlash against brands with sexist names and calls out boob-gropers in the beer world. Plus it also gives a little reminder of women’s historical role in brewing.

Booze Ban on Women in Sri Lanka Lifted
(The Spirits Business)

And in more stories that put gender equality at the forefront: The Sri Lankan government amended a 1955 law, which prohibited women from buying and selling alcohol.

Diageo launches cocktail-making skill for Amazon’s Alexa
(The Spirits Business)

Don’t know what cocktail to make at home? Just ask Alexa… Diageo has launched “The Bar” for in the UK for Amazon’s Alexa powered Echo Show device.

The Evolution of the “Culinary Cocktail”

Diving into the topic of cooperation and collaboration between kitchen and bar and this synergy that “helps blur the line between chef and bartender.”

Five Skills That Are Improved by Drinking Alcohol
(The Drinks Business)

I always find articles that claim “Drinking is good for you!” to be a little suspect. But, the Drinks Business has pulled together a few studies that claims a couple of drinks can improve skills with foreign languages, on the dance floor and more…

Cocktail Party Conversation Starters

Get all tongue tied around new people? Try this week’s cocktail party conversation starters next time you’re stuck for small talk…

So, did you hear about…

World renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse’s musings on bears?

Those sleep-talkers who love the F word?

The man who broke himself holding in a big sneeze?

And, this week, when I’m not reading cocktail news or finding bizarre conversation starters, I’m reading: Best Food Writing 2017, edited by Holly Hughes

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