Hotel de l’Abbaye: Secret Paris Terrace Cocktail Bar

Quickie: Hotel de l’Abbaye
10 rue Casette
Paris 75006
Tel: 01 45 44 38 11

It’s the season for year end drinks & festive apertifs. The girls and I decided that warranted an elegant cocktail apero so we decided to try the bar at L’Hotel de l’Abbaye.

I’ll tell you right now, I don’t know if they do a good mixed drink or not. When I asked the server if they could do a dry martini, he informed me that they were only doing wine & champagne because the bartender was not in for the evening. While I do believe that nice hotels should be equipped to deliver every night of the week, I also appreciated this after our first visit to the Hotel Particulier where they didn’t tell us beforehand that the bar tender was not in residence that night.

So, I’m going to give them a little shout out anyway. The daintily delectable lounge at this little hotel would work well for a beverage stop in winter or summer months. This weekend they had a blazing homey fire. When the sun comes out, I plan on taking a seat in their secluded and lush garden terrace. The night we stopped in, it was almost disturbingly quiet, but got busier towards 10pm.

In lieu of a cocktail I had a glass of Laurent Perrier at 12 Euros (which, let’s face it, is more festive than a martini anyway). The deco may be a bit too pretty for the boys, but for a quiet ladies’ libation, I think it’s a charming little find. The bar menu features small simple dishes of smoked salmon, croque monsieurs and salads at around 12 Euros. At those prices, this is a sweet spot to have a girlie gossip on the back terrace over a glass of bubbly and a light lunch.

I’ll head back to check out the terrace in warmer months and may give the cocktails a try (although my hunch is it’s better for the aforementioned activities)

3 thoughts on “Hotel de l’Abbaye: Secret Paris Terrace Cocktail Bar

  1. i got a little confused because i thought i knew rue Casette but in the 6th arr. i checked and yes my memory serves me right, 16th is just a typo. well, it's good to know because i am often in the area and can't think of too many nice places to have a drink in a fancy bar apart from the Lutetia (and their quality of cocktails and champagne has gone down since they changed managment, but it still is a beautiful place)

  2. thanks for the catch columbine…i changed it. let me know what you think if you stop in!

  3. Exactly that's what I like because women there are the best reason to enjoy, In fact I wanna go there.

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