Women & Champagne with Cynthia Coutu of Delectabulles

Paris Cocktail Talk
Paris Cocktail Talk
Women & Champagne with Cynthia Coutu of Delectabulles

Hello Cocktail Lovers! 

This month we celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th, a great occasion to bring together two fabulous topics: Women & Champagne. To take a deeper dive into these two subjects, I invited Cynthia Coutu, founder of Delectabulles, a champagne networking club for women into the studio to talk about her experience with women as champagne drinkers and champagne makers.

Cynthia’s suggested Cocktail Recipe: Bellini

Cynthia recommends NOT using Champagne for cocktails – it’s definitely something to sip and celebrate on its own. Her tip: The light and fruity nature of Prosecco is much more suited for cocktails. Her favourite cocktail made with fizz is a Bellini, which she first tried at Harry’s Bar in Venice and it still takes her back to Venice everytime she has one.


Sparkling Cocktail

10 cl Prosecco
5 cl Fresh peach puree

Pour peach puree into chilled glass and add sparkling wine. Stir gently.

Women, women-owned businesses and products mentioned in the show:

Delectabulles Champagne Networking Club

Sandrine Charpentier-Olivier of Veuve Olivier et Fils Champagne (that we tasted in the show)

Jennifer Greco, cheese expert behind Chez Loulou (also a previous guest on this show)

Tanya Heath shoes (with the changeable heels) 

La Transmission, Femmes en Champagne, a group of female Champagne professionals 

Madame Clicquot of Veuve Clicquot (who invented the riddling system, vintage champagne, and the blending method for rosé Champagne)

Madame Pommery of Pommery Champagne (first to use chalk pits for aging, first commercially successful brut champagne

Madame Bollinger of Bollinger Champagne (invented many technical practices, but also had the idea of using their three plots of vines that had not been touched by phylloxera to make their base wines.  Two of the three plots still exist today and are referred to as “vieilles vignes” due to their age.

Cynthia uses her networking club to empower women one bottle of Champagne at a time

Thanks to….

Thanks to Cynthia Coutu for taking the time to come into the studio. You can sign up for her networking events as a non-member to check them out or join as a member to take full advantage. Learn more about Delectabulles, Champagne and and women in Champagne online and in her social media feeds: Facebook Instagram LinkedIn  Or sign up for her newsletter for lots of info, tips, Champagne bar and event recommendations and a summary of her social media feed.

Also you’ll find lots of information about women in Champagne in these two articles by Cynthia:

Pairing Women and Champagne: Blending Business and Passion

International Women’s Day: Let’s Celebrate Women in Champagne!

Additional thanks to: World Radio Paris for editing and production – don’t forget that they have a whole line up of great shows, including some of my favorites from outstanding women like: Paris Paysanne, Paname & The New Paris.

Thanks to Son Little for music.

As always, thank you cocktail-loving listeners for tuning in our downloading.  

Don’t forget to drink responsibly!

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