Bringing Foreign Wine and Spirits into France

Paris Cocktail Talk
Paris Cocktail Talk
Bringing Foreign Wine and Spirits into France

I recently went to a wine tasting with Ramon Bilbao, a Spanish company responsible for a large portion of the rioja wine  that is consumed around the world. It got me thinking about how hard it can be to find a large selection of foreign wine in France.  France has a lot of great domestic products, so I’m always curious to see how foreign products place themselves or make inroads into the country. Ii chatted a bit with Gilles Fournier of Zamora while at the tasting about this and invited him into the studio to talk to him about the challenges and interest of bringing foreign wine and spirits into France. 

Gilles was born in Madagascar and grew up around Africa. He studied law and international trade in Bordeaux and subsequently specialized in wine and spirits. After working with some big names in the spirits world, as well as creating his own wine-related company, in 2016, he became involved with Zamora, which lead to his current position managing the newly created French subsidiary of Zamora.

Spirits and liqueurs mentioned under the umbrella of Zamora during the podcast:


Bodega Ramon Bilbao

Licor 43

Villa Massa Limoncello

Martin Miller’s Gin

Yellow Rose Texas Whiskey 

COCKTAIL RECIPE: Limoncello & Tonic

Gilles recommends taking a break from the usual spirits mixed with tonic and try it with their Villa Massa Limoncello for something sparkling and refreshing.  Simply mix the limoncello with your favorite tonic over ice and enjoy!

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