Paris Cocktail Talk by 52 Martinis

Shake N’Smash Musical Menu

Paris Cocktail Talk
Paris Cocktail Talk
Shake N’Smash Musical Menu

Paris Cocktail Talk by 52 Martinis

This month my producer Thomas Shamuyarira and I decided to take a break from the studio and headed to Shake N’Smash bar to check out their summer musical menu cocktails and talk a little about conceptual cocktails.

Shake N’Smash is bar inspired by the Roaring 20’s with three different distinct spaces, including a sidewalk terrace. Two sweet spaces downstairs can be privatized as well.

Paris Cocktail Talk by 52 MartinisHead barman, Axel Amasse, put together a musical menu for Summer 2018 with 15 original cocktails, priced between 12 € et 15 €.  The “playlist” of cocktails offers up a range of musical styles and eras for song-inspired drinks from Dalida, Drake, the Rolling Stones and more.  The music, the names of the singers or group and the backstory all serve as inspiration for Axel in creating his drinks.

Listen as Thomas and I chat about the bar and drinks, find out more from Axel about his motivations for the music menu and even create our own song-cocktail combos.  I paired up a classic Old Fashioned with a Tom Waits song but Thomas gets more creative with an original cocktail to go with Rainbow” by Black Motion and Xoli M.Paris Cocktail Talk by 52 Martinis

Don’t forget, Thomas also has his own World Radio Paris show should you wanna hear more from him called Uni Talks and he covers everything about student life in Paris, with the help of a guest every episode.

If you’re looking for more cocktail talk between shows, head to our site, and if you’d like to carry me around in your pocket, download our iOS app, Paris Cocktails.

Thank you to Shake N’Smash & Axel for welcoming us and to you listeners for tuning in our downloading.  

Additional thanks to:

World Radio Paris for editing and production

Emily Dilling of Paris Paysanne for show notes and web assistance

Son Little for the music we use

As usual, we remind you to drink responsibly.

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