Philippe Guillon of Riedel France

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Philippe Guillon of Riedel France

We talk a lot about cocktails, spirits, wine and other alcoholic drinks here on the show. But, none of us (well hopefully none of us) spend our time drinking alone in dark rooms, thinking only about the liquid in the glass. There is more to the experience than just the drink. That’s why we drink with friends to enjoy the conviviality of it. Or why we go to bars to experience a different or special ambience and watch the show of it all. It’s why presentation can be a focus for some bartenders. And, it’s why the glass that your drink comes in can also make a difference.

If you like wine and you’re listening to the podcast i’m pretty sure you’re already familiar with the Riedel brand of glasses.  if you aren’t, they are basically the top when it comes to varietal specific stemware – basically they make glasses that are very specific to the drink that’s in them. They’re also simple and beautiful.  I won’t chat too much about that myself, because fortunately we have an expert on the matter with us today to tell you all about how the shape of the glass can affect the experience of drinking whatever is in it.  Today I have Philippe Guillon, Managing Director of Riedel France.

Philippe Guillon graduated from ISEG Business school in international trade in 1993, found his first job as business development manager in 1994 in the printing / packaging company TPG. 

Philippe decided to go back to school parallel to his work and graduated from the CNAM in marketing management in 1999. 

He won at that time first prize during a top European business school marketing contest organized by the EMC (European Marketing Confederation).

In charge of developing the high-end packaging channel he quickly established solid relationship within the Cognac industry, developing special packs for them. He fell in love with the Cognac so much that he decided in 2000 to create is own company Spirwine and started representing smaller quality producers such as Cognac Croizet, in the US market. 

He later added the Bordeaux négociant Bordeaux Rive Droite who belonged to Jean-Jacques Moueix to his portfolio. In 2006 Philippe sold his business and met with Georg Riedel who hired him to become Export manager for the group (Riedel, Spiegelau, Nachtmann) and overlook a territory including Southern Europe, North Africa, and part of the Middle East. 

In 2016 Philippe convinced the Riedel family to invest in creating their own subsidiary in France where so far the brand had been available through a distributor. 

Philippe has been running the French sub in Paris since as Managing Director. Father of three sons, married to an American, Philippe has a passion for wine, spirits, cooking, photography, traveling and reading.

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As usual, we remind you to drink responsibly.

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