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Paris Cocktail Talk
Paris Cocktail Talk
Craft Beer In France

Welcome to the rentree (that’s what those of us in France call September/back-to-school/back-to-business) It’s a time where you are catching back up with ‘Real Life” so you might not have time to faff around with cocktails and recipes. So, this month we are talking about something simple: Craft Beer.  All you have to do is uncap it and sip. As craft beer has been steadily makes more headway into France, this month I invited a couple of friends into the studio to talk craft beer: Charles Kokougan and Jessamy Holland of Craft Beer France.  

Charles is a former professional soccer player, born and raised in the Paris region and Jessamy is an an American living in Paris for nine years, who teaches at an international school in Neuilly. They got into the beer scene when Jessamy introduced Charles to American craft beer and one day they went to A La Bière Comme A La Bière in Montmartre and the distributor was delivering their favorite beer. They got to talking and he needed some extra help, so they were introduced into the distribution business. That was around five years ago and since then Charles has created his own company, Craft Beer France. 

Drink of the Month

This month Charles recommends you just crack open a can of a new to you craft brew.

But if you really want a cocktail recipe, how about a Michelada?

Michelada Recipe:

Mix together:

15 ml fresh lime juice

2 dashes hot sauce 

2 dashes Worcestershire

2 turns of fresh ground pepper from a mill

pinch celery salt

Add lots of ice and then top with one Mexican lager beer and stir

Optional: salt the rim

Come back next month when we will be interviewing a Riedel rep on how glass shape affects flavor and aroma of the drinks. 

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As always, thank you to today’s guest and you listeners for tuning in our downloading.  

Additional thanks to:

World Radio Paris for editing and production

Emily Dilling of Paris Paysanne for show notes and web assistance 

Son Little for the music we use

As usual, we remind you to drink responsibly.

And finally, here’s the latest iTunes review from KCdrew.

“Loved the mezcal episode! Going to Paris in October and looking forward to all the tips I will hear before then.

Maybe a speakeasy episode ? 😉

Thank you!”

Hey KCdrew (and others) You can head over to the Earful Tower for a speakeasy episode I did with Oliver Gee there (and also get a whole load more tips about your visit to Paris)

And thanks! I really appreciate getting reviews.  While I enjoy doing the podcast and bringing you what I hope is interesting news, getting the reviews not only helps other people discover the show, but makes me realize I’m not just shouting into a void and that someone is actually listening.  So, please, if you like what we’re doing, drop  a quick review


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