The Earful Tower 52 Martinis Interview

The Earful Tower 52 Martinis Interview

Paris Cocktail Talk
Paris Cocktail Talk
The Earful Tower 52 Martinis Interview

This episode of Paris Cocktail Talk is a special recast of an Episode of The Earful Tower podcast in which Forest talks about her favorite bars, arrondissement by arrondissement (had a fantastic time doing it)! We’ll also have a great recipe for a classic cocktail that’s perfect for summer!

The Earful Tower is a weekly podcast broadcast on World Radio Paris. Join Oliver and co-host James as they try to figure out France, its people and its language, with the help of different guests each week! Visit the show notes for the episode with Forest here.

Out for Drinks: 52 Martinis Fitzgerald

Check out Forest’s suggested bars, by arrondissement:

1st arrondissement: The Ritz

2nd arrondissement: Mabel

3rd arrondissement: Les Bains

4th arrondissement: Maria Loca


5th arrondissement: Lucha Libre CLOSED Alternate bar:  Little Bastards

6th arrondissement: La Robe et La Mousse

7th arrondissement: Fitzgerald

8th arrondissement: Le Mini Palais

9th arrondissement: Lulu White

10th arrondissement: Copper Bay

11th arrondissement: Red House

12th arrondissement: Calbar

13th arrondissement: Bateau El Alamein

14th arrondissement: Rosebud

15th arrondissement: Novotel Lounge Bar

16th arrondissement: Hotel Saint James

17th arrondissement: Lush Bar

18th arrondissement: Kremlin

19th arrondissement: Pavillon des Canaux

20th arrondissement: La Commune

Featured Cocktail Recipe: Piscine Style Gin & Tonic

Feedback? Thoughts on this episode? Ideas for themes for future episodes? We’d love to hear what’s on your mind! Just email us!

Special thanks to Son Little for letting us use his song “The River” for the podcast theme music.

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