Lambig de Bretagne with Loig le Lay of Distillerie des Menhirs

Paris Cocktail Talk
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Lambig de Bretagne with Loig le Lay of Distillerie des Menhirs

This month we talk to Loig le Lay of Eddu about Lambig de Bretagne made by his family’s Brittany based Distillerie des Menhirs.

Loig explains the unique aspects of Lambig de Bretagne, an apple brandy from Brittany, and the reasons it’s not as well known as some other French spirits, including its nearby cousin Calvados. Loig compares and contrasts the differences between apple based spirits and alcohols from Brittany and Normandy as well as taking us on a deeper dive on their production methods, products, and more. We learn about how his father invented an aperitif version of Lambig de Bretagne, a version of which was simultaneously invented in Normandy with Calvados under the name Pommeau. He also talks about the challenges of finding their brand abroad. 

About our guest on the Lambig de Bretagne episode: Loig Le Lay

Loig le Lay is the sales and export manager and a member of the fifth generation of family distillers at the Craft Distillerie des Menhirs in Brittany, western France. With his family, he created and developed the first locally-sourced buckwheat whisky EDDU (“buckwheat” in the Breton language).

Products, People, and Places Mentioned in our Lambig de Bretagne Episode

Eddu Whiskey
Craft Distillerie des Menhirs
Pommeau de Normandie
Pommeau de Bretagne 

Cocktail of the Month: Lambig Mojito

60ml / 2 oz Lambig de Bretagne
1 lime, quartered
2 cubes of brown sugar
Handful mint leaves
Sparkling water (to top)

Muddle the lime and brown sugar in a tall glass
Add in mint leaves and muddle lightly (don’t overwork the mint)
Add the Lambig
Add ice to top of glass
Top with sparkling water

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