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Freimeisterkollektiv Artisanal Spirits Collective

In this episode, we dive into the world of Freimeisterkollektiv , where tradition meets innovation in the realm of artisanal spirits. Founder Theo Ligthart and his collective of small distilleries and seasoned bartenders and spirits experts is revolutionizing the spirits market with their fresh takes on classics and commitment to collaboration. From amero to herbal bitters and everything in between, we’ll learn what happens behind-the-scenes of their curated selection of alcoholic drinks all sourced directly from producers at fair prices and distributed under the Freimeisterkollectiv label. Theo shares his inspirations for new products and talks about how Freimeisterkollektiv is giving a  welcome platform to smaller craft distillers. 

About Freimeisterkollektiv founder Theo Ligthart

Theo Ligthart is the visionary behind Freimeisterkollektiv. Since founding the collective along with two partners, he has emerged as a pioneer in Germany’s craft distillery scene. He is not only well-known for his award-winning creations, including Das Korn and STEINREICH, but also founded the Craft Spirits Festival DESTILLE BERLIN in 2012, At Freimeisterkollektiv, Theo collaborates closely with distillers to shape the program and personally oversees the development of each product.

Products, People, and Places Mentioned in our Freimeisterkollektiv Episode


Cravan bar

Vintage Spirits Garage

Cocktail of the Month: Freimeisterkollektiv Boulevardier twist

30ml (1 oz) Fine Faugère
30ml (1 oz) Orange, Bitters, Wein 
30ml (1 oz) Amaro
Orange twist to garnish

Stir with ice and serve over ice in a rocks glass

Garnish with an orange peel

Note: feel free to start with equal parts as above in the recipe and adjust to different proportions to suit your taste. 

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