Ice in Cocktails

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Paris Cocktail Talk
Ice in Cocktails

Hello Cocktail Lovers!

You might be surprised to find out just how crucial ice is to cocktails and about its many different interesting aspects. I’ve invited a couple of friends onto the show to talk about just that, Brittini Rae and Joseph Biolatto of The Nice Company.

Brittini and Joseph were well established on the Paris cocktail scene before opening The Nice Company, the first clear ice producing company in Paris to cater specifically to the craft cocktail community. Founded for bartenders, by bartenders, they work with clients to cut ice perfectly designed for their bar, restaurant, hotel, or event. As their site aptly puts it “We don’t sell ice,we sell time.”

People, places and products mentioned in the show:

The Nice Company

Alcademis blog by Camper English all about ice!

Calbar is using bespoke ice from the Nice Company for to go cocktails

Mabel Rum Bar is using ice from the Nice Company for to go cocktails

Candelaria bar is where Brittini worked before the Nice Company

Joseph & Brittini also took part in the COIVD-19 special segments in Part 2 of How COVID-19 is affecting France’s food and drinks businesses.

Cocktail of the  Month: A la Louisiane

1 oz/30 ml rye whiskey
1 oz/30 ml Italian vermouth
1 oz/30 ml Bénédictine
2 dashes Creole bitters
1 dash absinthe

Stir over ice and strain into a chilled coupette glass

Optional: Garnish with a cocktail cherry

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As usual, we remind you to drink responsibly.

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